March 30, 2017

Back of the Book Blurb Friday - March 24 and March 31, 2017 - A Two-Fer

Sioux Roslawski is the inspiration for (last Friday's and) today's post. The goal is to write a book blurb from the following picture:

I'm such a slacker I'm doing a two-fer to make up for it. Here's the March 24 installment:

Snake Eyes: How a Stay in Room 215 Almost Killed Me
by Lao C. Odds

For years, I had heard about people who struck it rich in the casinos of Vegas. How they went from rags to riches on the boulevard of neon. For me, it wasn't the case at all. I went there filled with hope, and barely escaped with my life.

It all started when attendants to a herpetology convention took over half of the rooms in the Stardust hotel. Those lovers of all things slithery were living large and learning all about their favorite reptilians.

Unbeknownst to me, Freddy, a full-grown Copperhead, escaped his cage in Room 215. On my first day at the hotel, Freddy struck - and sunk his fangs into my calf, his venom wreaking havoc with my body.

The odds were against me, but I hit the jackpot of LIFE - and met my $6000 deductible in the process.

Read all about my death-defying adventure in Las Vegas.
(150 words)

Okay, the current picture:

Making America Great Selfish Again - Mine, Mine, All Mine!
by Moe Stuff Nowe

The United States has become a nation of whiny brats. Americans take what they want, and control everything (and everyone) that deigns to come to their borders.

How did we fall so far off that pedestal of generosity so fast?

Read the current research on conspicuous consumption and how our leaders have encouraged the "gimmeization" of our country.

Thought leaders discuss how we can return to a kinder, gentler America - or are we too late to change back?

Here's what readers say about Making America Selfish - Mine, Mine, All Mine!:

Author's note: 
The rest of the page is blank because the author refused to pay the reviewers for comments. Selfish bastards.

113 words - where do I pick up my check?