February 25, 2014

Listen to Your Mother, Part Deux

I like to tempt Fate; I like to defy the odds.

Call me a rebel.

I wrote another story for Listen To Your Mother: St. Louis...and two years in a row, was chosen to audition for a spot.

I went for laughs in this year's story. I figured there would be a lot of sad/touching/amazing stories, so I just went for snark.

Lucky for me, my adventures in motherhood have given me lots of fodder.

So next Monday, after driving 80 miles to and from work, I'll make dinner for The Boy and myself, and then I'll get back in the car and make the long drive to the audition. 

I hope I can muster enough energy to whip out the sarcasm while I read my story about my best-laid plans, and how they went to hell.

And even if I flub up, and don't get chosen to read on stage this year, I am honored and humbled to have made it to the audition round of the festivities.

I am looking forward to the challenge, even though 8:15 pm is not my golden hour anymore. I just hope I can stay awake on the drive home.