December 11, 2010

Saturday Centus - 12/11/10 - Last Dance

Time to wrack our brains and practice brevity with Jenny Matlock and Saturday Centus. The task? Using a prompt supplied by Jenny (appearing below, in bold), use a maximum of 100 words to tell your story. And keep it PG-rated, please, the kids are in the room.

I Coulda Been a Contender

It's tough being a celebrity, constantly surrounded by people. Now I have a security detail on my payroll, protecting me from unbalanced fans and the glaring lens of the paparazzi.

Since the attack, I don't go out much.

I rolled my chair over to my desk and opened a package that arrived via courier. An involuntary gasp of shock escaped my lips when I opened the shoebox and saw the pointy-toed shoes...with my feet still in them.

My stumps ached with recognition, and memories of that night came rushing back.

Len, Carrie and Bruno gave us three 10s for our paso doble.

If not for that nut with the hacksaw, we'd have won Dancing with the Stars.


  1. a gritty original here!Took me by surprise!

  2. Oh my. I could never do this. That was awesome.

  3. You are the queen of quirkiness in your writing, June. And I love it!


  4. Bravo! Are you related to Stephen King? Great use of the prompt!

  5. OMG! What a shock!! Brilliant!

  6. Oh my gosh !! that took away my night's sleep !! loved it though :)

  7. That hits too close to home for me--not that I'm famous, but when Shaun Johnson was on Dancing with the Stars, she had a stalker that was arrested on the premises. Being from Iowa, it was big news here even though it was not well publicized otherwise. Very scary!

  8. OMG, where did this come from LOL. A whole lotta creepy but I liked it. Really different. Great job.

  9. Creepy. Horror. Excellent! Very creative take on this prompt!~Ames

  10. Gotta love the blood and gore coming out of this prompt. Outstanding.

  11. You've got an interesting twisted mind ... I love it.

  12. headed into the macbre but ya pulled it right back into the comedy zone

  13. wow...really great take ....makes me wonder, how would the longer version of the tale end?

  14. June, You never cease to amaze me. That imagination of yours is a little scary. Wonderful post with an amazing twist.


  15. Ahh, June! I can always count on you to take your stories just to the edge of bizarre then hopping off the edge! You so crazy! Loved this!

  16. June! Yikes. I love this. What a cool and bizarre and macabre use of these innocent little words.

    And to think I actually had elf shoes in mind when I wrote that prompt - ha!

    Thanks for linking.

  17. THIS. Was great. I absolutely love your completely quirky, morbid and hysterical piece. Way to go!

  18. Ouch! If I had not forced myself to read Stephen King's entire novel, Misery, in which the protagonist looses only one foot, but a thumb as well, I would have had trouble with this SC-text.

    Yes, it is brilliant. But I have decided to take the late suspense-writer, Patricia Highsmith's words to heart: she did not think it was wise to let inmates in prison read her novels. They might get ideas...

    Thankfully, since we don't have pictures to attract readers to our Saturday Centus-texts, I doubt whether 'the wrong kind of crowd' will read our efforts. (But you never know.)

    Here we seem to have a border-line case. What does 'PG' really mean? Fifteen years old? I certainly would not read this text aloud for my six and nine-year-old.

    I know that you are really good this, and maybe you will write a really good thriller/horror-novel one day. But, please don't go this far every week. What makes Hitchcock's films so suspenseful, is not what is shown, but what we fear that we are going to see.

    I have, in other words, very mixed feelings about this. I hope you get to write your novel or whatever your dream is, because it is obvious that you have talent. So please don't take this as a put-down. I just have a weak stomach.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC wk 32


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