About Me

Who IS June Freaking Cleaver  Kim?

  • Wife to The Mister. 
  • Mother of three amazing children - two girls, grown and married, and The Boy (my twenty year-old challenge). 
  • Evil stepmother (heheheh) to three incredible stepdaughters (one who insists I say she's gorgeous). 
  • Non-meddling mother-in-law to four guys lucky enough to be married to the females in the family.
  • Grandmother to TEN perfect grandchildren (now even at five girls and five boys). 
Lucky to be part of this unique blended family.
Currently working as a technical writer in the St. Louis area.

If you visit me at the Cleaver our compound, you may find me doing one of the following:
  • Playing online or blogging
  • Reading
  • Doing crossword puzzles, either online, or with pen and paper (no dictionary peeking, that's cheating)
  • Imparting common sense advice and regaling all with my vast knowledge of perfectly useless information in some of the 50,000 words I must utter each and every day
  • Reading about, preparing, and eating food I've prepared from countless hours of recipe searches
  • Complaining about housework
  • Avoiding all domestic responsibilities until I have a definite deadline for completion
Gee, doesn't that make you want to book your flight reservations and visit me?