May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Irony

It's Mother's Day, and the Mister and I picked up the mail before going out to breakfast without the lad (yes, it IS Mother's Day, and yes, I went without the youngest child. Shame on me). I was hoping Erin's card was in the box, and trying to discern if it was sappy or silly, just from the pink envelope - it was just perfect, just the right amount of sap, btw. Thank you, Erin!

The envelope above was also in the mail. Does Gerber know something I don't? Or do they just have a deliciously ironic sense of humor?

There IS no child to welcome, thank you very much. Geesh, I'm 52 years old, and the Mister is almost 55, and we have grandchildren, for goodness sakes!

Besides arriving in time for Mother's Day, the real irony is that I've finally married a man who is good father material, and alas, we are too old to have children. The Mister has said that if we had met thirty years ago, we'd probably have eight children by now (yikes). Between us, we have six wonderful children (five girls and one boy), and six perfect grandchildren. We are blessed.

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