May 29, 2009

I Put the Fear of Blog In 'Em!

In addition to the boy I've blogged about here, I also have two adorable, grownup daughters. Daughter #1 will be 33 in June. She is married and has two perfect children (who I'm sure I'll blog about) in Titusville, FL. God, I miss those kids! Daughter #2 is 30 (yeah, I know, I look too young to have kids that She has her own home and a fiance in Raleigh, NC.

Daughter #2 (her name is Erin) is getting married in August, and she and I were IM'ing about the guest list. She got a bit snippy, and I told her "not to get all Bridezilla on me". Then, she asked, "Are you going to blog about me?" Ha ha ha! I love to instill fear in people, and it's an extra bump when it comes from one of my kids.

I've also sent the message "don't make me blog about you!" Her response? "I dare you!" MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, how I love to do the evil laugh, complete with hand wringing. It appears I'm still too foolish to turn down a dare, so now I'm having the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, they're arguing about whether I should indeed blog about her. Hmmm, guess who wins?

Erin is one interesting little cookie. She regularly kicks my azz at Scrabble. She's smart, and sarcastic...and has had OCD issues regarding cleanliness and organization; this last thing makes me wonder if she was switched at birth.

Erin was the MOST pleasant baby and little girl. She almost never cried, even though she was sick a lot. She was a trouper. She was also unfailingly kind to others (except her sister, Daughter #1). In first grade, there was a girl in her class that nobody liked. Erin volunteered to be the girl's field trip buddy, because nobody wanted to pick her. Erin once gave her sweater to the girl because she didn't have a jacket (and money was really tight then, I couldn't afford to replace that sweater).

Erin is a math whiz - she knew how to multiply in Kindergarten, though nobody ever taught her. She got a perfect 800 on the Math portion of the SAT.

Here's my favorite Erin story:
This story starts when Erin was four years old. When she was 2 1/2, I started attending classes at community college. Erin had to go to daycare while I was in class. One day, I went to pick her up, and was in a hurry to get home, before Daughter #1 had to be picked up at Kindergarten. We'd been doing this for a year and a half, she knew the routine. Rush, rush, rush! When I got out of the car at daycare, I noticed that the driver's side front tire was low. Great, I'd have to take care of that, too.

I walked into the daycare to get Erin, and told her to get her coat on, so we could put some air in the tire and pick up her sister. Surprisingly, she started to cry a bit as she SLOWLY went to get her coat and backpack from the hook on the wall.

"Come on, Erin, let's get your coat on. I have to put air in the tire - it's low." The crying intensified. Weird. I knelt down to help her zip her coat up faster, we were on a time limit here. The sobbing started.

"Come ON, Erin, we have to go NOW! I have to put some air in the tire!" I took her by the hand, and grabbed her pink backpack in the other hand and almost had to drag the sobbing child out to the parking lot. (I know, I was short on patience that day).

We got to the car, and when I opened her door to get her strapped in, she said, between sobs and sniffs, "Are you really going to put ME in the TIRE?"

And that's how she got her nickname, Erin thetire!

Ok, Erin, how did I do? That wasn't so bad, was it? Love ya bunches!


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