May 22, 2009

Writers' Workshop: Not Paying Attention To...

I got this prompt from Mama's Losin' It, yet another blog I've stumbled onto.
The prompt is: What have you been too busy to pay attention to?

Ok, first off, let's be honest here. I'm home from 7:15 until 2:50 each weekday, by myself. All by myself. Nobody's asking me for anything. So, right off, let me say that I am NOT too busy...I am too LAZY. Anyway, now that this little clarification has been made, let me list some things I'm too lazy to pay attention to...

1. Clutter in the living room
  • DVDs!!!! I'm frustrated here, we have two zillion DVDS (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration on the total), and not enough room to store them. If a DVD is lucky enough to have a slot in the TV stand, nobody ever puts the DVD back...not ever. We don't have cable, folks. If we want movies, it must come in the form of a DVD. We have STACKS of them...everywhere. I have a pretty casual attitude about clutter, but the DVDs drive me a bit batty. I guess if I was the person watching all these lovely movies, maybe I'd dislike the clutter less.
  • My desk, or the Land of the Lost. Things just sort of appear on my desk Right now, I'm looking at two tubes of chapstick, library audio tapes, mail, a huge pile of coupons and other assorted nonsense. God forbid I need to use the printer to scan something, the top is covered.
2. Clutter in the kitchen (do you see a trend developing here?)
  • Food! We have lots of food. If there's a sale on pickle chips or salsa (or any other nonperishable food you can think of), the Mister will buy a lot of it. We estimate that we have six months' worth of food here in the kitchen...all over the kitchen. The food cabinets are all full, the overflow goes on the counter nearest the stove. At least it's in a corner, so things don't fall. The bar area of the counter is Paperwork Shangri-La...the mail is opened, and stuff is just stacked on the counter. I restack from time to time, but rarely throw anything away, lest it be important.
  • Household appliances...The Mister does love his appliances! Currently, we have the following appliances dispersed on the counters: Toaster, rice cooker, Frydaddy (an oldie), bread machine, hot dog cooker (complete with red and white striped plastic canopy), Bertha, my mixer, microwave oven, popcorn popper, Belgian wafflemaker, and our newest purchase: The bigass George Foreman grill.
Need I say more about the kitchen?
  • Other domestic chores - Ya know, I spend way too much time on the computer each day. I neglect mopping, dusting and vacuuming with regularity. I seem to do okay with cooking, and the kitchen (minus the previously-mentioned crap on the counters) is relatively clean...but not the floor. I should be mopping it right now. In fact, I kinda promised to mop it today. And if I start now, it will be done two minutes before the Mister comes in!
Ok, now I feel guilty...where's that mop?

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