June 22, 2009

Attention to Detail...Anybody Have Any to Spare?

I had a kitchen cooking disaster yesterday. Funny now, not so funny when it happened.

The Mister was in charge of the manly grilling of NY strip ste
aks. I was inside, preparing a salad, and making Mashed Cauliflower. I posted about it here (but it was Smooshed then, I didn't use a blender).

Today, I whipped out the blender. A blender I have Used.Exactly.Once. We are not intimate kitchen buddies, the blender and I. I don't know what makes it tick, what its optimum blending speed is, or how it feels about being stored in the back of a bottom cabinet (poor thing). I don't even have a pet name for it (My Cuisinart stand mixer is Bertha, you'd like her, she's quite a gal).

Anyway, I put the steaming HOT cauliflower in the blender, along with some mayo. The goal is to end up with a steaming pile of cauliflower, resembling mashed potatoes in color and consistency.

I blended, I pulsed, I watched as the florets went tumbling toward their doom (oh, those sharp blades!). I see I am making progress. After a few short minutes, I have my steaming pile of cauliflower. I lift up the blender container (is it a jar?) triumphantly, and suddenly, the blender base, the counter, and my poor right hand are quickly covered with HOT cauliflower puree! OUCH!

I wish I had taken pictures - it looked like a cauliflower volcano had erupted!

That's when I realized that the bottom cap was not on the blender jar!

How did I put the blender jar on the base without the blade assembly falling out? Why did the jar fit perfectly on the base? These questions must be answered. All I need to do is dismantle the blender, recover the 'black box', and start my investigation. But I digress...

Plan B? We had instant potato flakes for dinner. They sucked. I left the steaming pile of poo cauliflower on the counter through dinner, as a reminder that I must always Become.One.With.The.Appliance.

Really, Sunbeam, blenders should not operate without the bottom ring on - it's the thing that holds the blade assembly in place...and keeps steaming hot poo cauliflower from cascading down the sides of Mt. Blender. Clarice, the offending blender, agrees. She just wishes she didn't smell like cauliflower.


  1. Ugh...I've had those blender disasters before too. I feel bad for Clarice...hope the next run is a better one for you!

  2. Wow you should totally contact them about that! What a mess!!

  3. Ms. How to Eat a Cupcake,
    If I had the instruction manual, I'm sure it probably says to NEVER operate Clarice without the bottom cap.

    I'm just annoyed that it still runs without it.

    And I'm annoyed that I did something so stupid.

  4. That is horrible, the "poo" sounded really good too!!! I'm going to have to try that! Next time I'm sure it will come out much better than those instant potato flakes!
    I hope your hand is okay too!


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