June 26, 2009

Fallen Idols

Ed McMahon. America's second banana, America's pitch man. Fell on hard times recently. A long life, but still it feels like he's leaving too soon.

Michael Jackson
. Surprised (but not) about his death. Hate to think he's just another celebrity who died before his time, perhaps due to excesses in his life.

The Boy only knew the post-surgery, post- skin bleaching, court troubled Michael Jackson. Several years ago, The Boy was sitting in front of the TV watching some biographic program about The King of Pop.

All of a sudden, The Boy came running into the kitchen and said, "Hey, Mom, did you know Michael Jackson used to be a black man?"

Farrah Fawcett. The hair, the body. The poster. The smile. She was not just a living Barbie doll; she was much more complex. She lived her life her own way, despite bad press. More recently, I was amazed at her courage, her lack of self-consciousness when allowing cameras to show her very physical battle with cancer. Her pain is now gone.

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