June 11, 2009

Fiction Friday Challenge Prompt VI - Oh God, the Smell...

I've been enjoying myself with MamaKat's writing prompts, and I went on a search of other blogs where I can get my write on. Jeanne at The Raisin Chronicles has Fiction Friday for your writing pleasure. Tomorrow's phrase: Oh God, the smell...

The rules:
Your challenge: create a short story of 100 words or less that begins with the phrase (in bold, above). Post your story in the comments, including a title (flash fiction often relies on the title to help tell the story).

Tip: Load the story into Microsoft Word and do a word count.

Have at it! Post your entry as a comment here.

Here's my entry:

Oh God, the smell of trailer trash on a muggy afternoon. Renee lifted her ample butt out of the recliner and shuffled to the open kitchen window. There were Fred and Misty, lounging on their deck while the overflowing trashcan was perfuming the neighborhood. Renee could see the remnants of the neighbors’ NASCAR beer bash from last night. She slammed the creaking window sash down.

Otis, her pug, was lying on the floor atop the remaining clean bath towel. The flies buzzed above the precipitous stack of dishes in the sink.

“Otis, have you ever seen such slobs?”

More Writing Fun
Check out Pictures, Poetry & Prose for some daily writing prompt fun. They even have a helpful(?) five minute timer to motivate you to put fingers to the keyboard. The rules there are more relaxed. Check it out!

If you're really in a hurry, then stop on over at The One-Minute Writer and try one of their daily prompts.

And like they used to say in the 60s - Write on, Write on, Write on! Well, that's what I heard!


  1. That's funny. And disturbing. But funny.

  2. I aim to please, most of all, Trudy. And disturb, to a disturbing degree! Thanks for your comment! Get your write on!

  3. Oh God, the smell...

    of dead squirrel in the chimney over the fourth of July makes me want to burn all Rocky and Bullwinkle DVDs and VHS tapes. I used to love squirrels, but now, you've got to be nuts!

  4. Erin,
    Please post your story at The Raisin Chronicles. Aren't you glad they fixed your chimney?


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