June 03, 2009

The Inaugural Evil Stepmother Luncheon - A Great Success!

Today, after attending the sixth grade graduation (see previous post about that), I went to lunch with my three stepdaughters, Truth (30)*, Vanilla (28)*, and Cammy (26)* (*not their real names, they know who they are). We went to the Elephant Bar restaurant - the food was yummy, the service, crummy. The conversation was easy and varied. The purpose of our lunch was to discuss a gift for Father's Day. I won't go into further detail lest The Mister decide that reading blogs, after all, is not a waste of his time. If he does read this, let me remind him "not to be so nosy around Father's Day".

Now that he's been warned, let me continue. I enjoyed watching how the sisters interact - I kept noticing how much influence their father had on them, in the phrases they used, in the way they could be perfectly serious one minute, then silly the next. They regaled me with stories of their dad regarding his driving (I don't scream when I ride with him anymore, I just close my eyes); I only closed my eyes twice when Truth drove to and from the restaurant, I swear. Let me just say that tailgating is not seen as a bad thing by them. I guess seeing my life flash before my eyes can be thought of as a cathartic experience? For those split seconds, I see lots of bad hair choices...and whoever thought that BIG glasses were ever attractive? But, I digress...

A message to the gals: I'm glad I'm getting to know you, and hope we can do it again real soon. And I'm thinking that from now on, I won't feel quite so lonely here. As in the words of Debra Winger's character, Emma, in Terms of Endearment, when she's finished telling her son that she is dying, she says "
And I think it went pretty well, don't you?"

And ladies, when I told your dad some of your comments about him (and agreed with what you said), he said, and I quote: "I'm surrounded by female buttheads." The Mister, being who he is, wants you to know that "female buttheads" is a term of endearment in his book.


  1. Lunch was awesome, it was great to get together. I think I could of used a drink though. lol. I am very impatient and don't like to wait. (as u seen at lunch) That is what may reflect on my driving. Which, of course, I shouldn't be that way knowing I am usually the one LATE to everything. We did pick up on the Mister's quotes because we heard them all the damn time. He would also say, " Don't be nosy around Holidays." So if he is snooping,just refer his quote back to him. lol

  2. This was a fun post...and you quoted one of my favorite ever movies too! I could tear up just thinking of that scene when the camera pans over to little Teddy crying and looking so horribly sad!

    Sounds like The Mister is likely to have a wonderful Father's Day!

  3. Trudy, thanks for the comment. I made the mistake of seeing Terms of Endearment in the theater right after my father died - there were not enough Kleenexes in the tri-state area for that sobfest!

    And if The Mister doesn't get nosy, his Father's Day will be just fine and dandy.

  4. Thanks for making me younger! But you forgot to make me the "gorgeous one."

  5. Anonymous #2 - my bad on the age thing. Ok, you're 27.

    And I'm sure you made a typo in your comment - you meant to type "But you forgot to make US the gorgeous ones." You're all gorgeous. Your father told me so, it must be true - he never lies or exaggerates.


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