June 16, 2009

Meddling into the Lives of My Children (Again) - How Erin Met Daryl, A Love Story

My daughter Erin, and her fiance Daryl, met on Match.com in August of 2006. He initially thought she was a Yankee bitch; she thought he was a hick (they live in NC). They talked on the phone for a month before meeting. Erin was super busy, she was closing on her first house (that was her excuse for not meeting right away). She thought that if she met Daryl right away, he would have been a one date wonder. They got to know each other during that month. At first, she was annoyed when the phone rang; within two weeks, she was calling him. They met. They talked. They laughed. And, they fell in love.

They are opposite in many ways. Erin is driven, ambitious, some might say she's a control freak (ok, maybe I'm the only one). She's ultra- anal-retentive organized
. One time when I helped her move, I got chastised for not putting her clothes in the closet the right way. The girl had EIGHTEEN categories of clothing organization! She's a freak. She stores all her CDs and DVDs in alphabetical order, and they better be put back that way when you're done (she started that habit in about first grade - she was the only kid I know who would get up early on a Saturday morning to organize her closet and bookshelf).

I think she was switched at birth. There's no way this kid came from my loins.

I mean, her carpet has parallel vacuum lines. She's strict about that.

Daryl, on the other hand, is laid back. He's notoriously late. He's not wound as tightly as my dear Erin. (But oddly, he also likes to vacuum. They're a pair of vacuum freaks with a pair of vacuums).

They complement each other. If Daryl knows that something is important to Erin, he makes an effort. Sure, he might need to be 'reminded', say,
fifteen times (can you spell N-A-G?); but he eventually gets with the program (so far, before Erin has a major coronary).

Even when he proposed marriage,it was with Erin-licious style: Daryl made a list!

In these past 3 years (almost), Erin has eased up on her obsessions. She isn't quite as regimented as before. They go out frequently, they have loads of friends they love to spend time with. She's happy, she's more relaxed.

And on August 29 of this year (the third anniversary of when they met), they'll be married in front of their friends and family. Erin's been in charge of all the wedding preparations, so you know it will be a well-organized event.

I, for one, can't wait.

Update: Erin had me change the first picture. She said they looked like crap.
Also, Erin's email this morning:

I let Daryl help with the invitations last night. He used too much adhesive and then stacked them up on top of each other. 30 minutes later, labels from the envelope behind it were plastered on the back of the invitation envelopes. I have to redo all of them. *sigh*

Repeat after me: Control Freak!


  1. That is a sweet story! My hubby and I met online too, at myspace!

    Congratulations on the wedding, I'm sure it will be an absolutely beautiful day for all of you!

  2. I met mine on True.com

    I haven't seen Erin in a long time, I can't wait.

  3. Is Erin a Virgo? Or maybe it's just in the name Erin? I'm not THAT bad....but I can be pretty bad! haha

  4. Erin,
    Nope, my Erin is a Scorpio. Maybe it is a name thing. And Erin has toned it down quite a bit since she has a great life for herself and Daryl. I think she's reached a balance.

  5. Awwwww...they're cute. And I WISH my loving room looked like that. I don't think you could get vaccuum stripes if you tried!

  6. Mama Kat,
    She's has no kids, and is not running a day care. A place for every thing and everything in its place.

    Her day will come, God willing!

    And when your kids are grown and gone, you too can have vertical vacuum marks on your carpet!


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