June 17, 2009

The Movie I MUST See this Summer!

I've seen the trailer in the theater, and watched it several times at home. I just gotta see Julie & Julia when it comes out August 7th! To view the trailer, click here.

I'm not a big moviegoer, and I don't even have many favorite movies. I'm not the one here in the Cleaver residence who has DVDs in haphazard piles near the TV.

But there's something about this movie that calls to me. Maybe it's the young Julie, feeling lost and oh-so NOT special, looking for her niche. Maybe it's her tackling some complicated recipes, with various levels of success.

Or it might be Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, and getting her high pitched voice so right!

Or it might just be the story of Julia Child's life. She didn't spend all of her time in the kitchen, ya know.

So until this movie comes out, I'm off to the library to get the two true stories that inspired the movie: Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, and My Life in France by Julia Child. I have a feeling I'll be blogging about these books at a later date.

I'm pretty confident that I'll only be buying one ticket for this - I don't see Julie & Julia as a film the Mister would like. And that's fine with me, as I loathe most of the movies he watches here at home. Being a good wife, however, I refrain from loads of negative comments and gagging noises; I usually just roll my eyes, sigh a little too loudly (was that me?), and busy myself in another room.

For your viewing pleasure, a pair of videos:
Julia Child, a snippet of her roasting a chicken program
Dan Aykroyd, as Julia Child

As Julia would say, "Bon Apetit!"


  1. I watched the trailor. It looks like a funny movie and I love Meryl Streep. Would you be willing to have a tagalong? -Cammy

  2. Gorgeous Cammy,
    I'd like that very much!

    I got the books today, so I should be a Juliaphile by the time the movie comes out.

  3. Oh yes...I want to see this one too! I think it will be a great story, but mostly I just really heart Meryl!

  4. Julia and Julia sounds great, Kim. I was aware of the books but I didn't know they'd been adapted. Thanks for mentioning it here. I'm not usually much of a theater person but I might make an exception for this one.

    I can remember watching Julia Child's program as an adolescent and was pretty fascinated by it, in a how'd she get famous kind of way. LOL

  5. Sandy,
    She was an OSS employee during WWII, and her husband was in the Foreign Service - that's how she got to France. And her home kitchen is now in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, just like Archie Bunker's chair and Misterroger's sweater.

    I loved her voice - I've been practicing.

  6. I'd go with you, but something tells me the distance may be a little far. Thanks so much for that trailer!!


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