June 14, 2009

Pictures, Poetry and Prose - I Made the Cut

My silly little story (based on a picture of cows) got selected for last Sunday's entry on Pictures, Poetry and Prose! You can read it here.

And get on over to the blog and try it yourself - using the day's picture and prompt, write for five minutes.


  1. Congratulations on your win at PPP! I read your piece and laughed out loud. That was brilliant! I now have the can-can song in my head now and visions of cows high kicking while holding up their skirts.

  2. June,
    First of all...I love your online name and your writing on PPP mirrors that sense of humor...congrats on the win...I LOVED IT! The thought of a cow CAN CAN is just too much! I see you are from Pevely...I lived in St. Charles for about 10 years in the mid 90's.



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