June 12, 2009

President Obama, May I Be Excused?

Hey all, did you see this video of the little girl who attended a Presidential town hall meeting on her last day of school?

It's Friday, you don't want to go to work. What excuse would the President write for YOU?

Here's mine:

Dear Mister, Please excuse June's laziness. She. just. didn't. feel. like. cleaning. Ever.

Come on, play along!

And when you're done excusing yourself, comment here so I know what blogs to feature next Friday! No excuses!


  1. I think my blog post today counts as an excuse lol

  2. Junie,

    Thanks for your comments on my stories on Jeannies blog. I liked your too. I know those trailer trash people.

    On the smoking issue, I didn't like all the methods to "try" to quit,so I invented one. Trying to quit doesn't work. Nine years ago, I RETIRED from smoking. I love to smoke, but I stepped down from the ring after successfully smoking 225,000 cigarettes. I never hated them before, still don't. I picked a date 1 year ahead to retire, so I wouldn't miss smoking on any important dates during my last year. Then, I vowed to enjoy every single cigarette during that year, knowing the end would come. The excitement to end the career was amazing. I even planned to cheat, and still smoke a few on the day after the big ending. I still have those two (Kent) cigarettes up stairs. After that, you start adding up the number of smokes you "didn't smoke" each day. For example, I'm happy to announce that since I retired, I haven't smoked 69,350 cigarettes!

    With this method, during the year, you can build up the faith and determination to to win the mental battle over the physical. The win is so much more enjoyable. You can also do this in a six month time frame too!

    Steven G

  3. How fun!

    Dear Insect,

    Please excuse Notes from the Forest for inadvertently stepping on you with her bare foot. She regrets that it happened and hopes that you had enjoyed a full and HEALTHY life prior to the most unfortunate incident.


  4. Sandy,
    Very cute! Now I feel I should apologize to big squirming worm I threw in the trash when I was sweeping the patio this morning!


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