June 29, 2009

A Quick Update

The Boy has been at camp for 24 hours. There have been NO frantic telephone calls, asking me to pick him up. The Mister and I are in our respective caves (in the evening) and enjoying the quiet. So far, no nude romping through the house. I'll keep ya updated on that - NOT.

The Boy's counselor at camp is from Poland. I expect that he'll be teaching her slang this week. Who knows, maybe he'll pick up some Polish? He's one of 3 kids in a cabin, so he'll get lots of attention.

I gave him a hug and a peck when we were leaving, he said, quite loudly, "Not in front of the OTHERS!"

Today, I am cutting the grass. I should be cleaning, since there is nobody here to mess up after I'm done...but I'm having motivational problems. I'm enjoying the quiet...for now.

I did a bit of Googling, and caught up with my first boss, Linda (who was not bossy at all). I found her address, and then used 411.com to get her phone number. We had a nice chat. We're now following each other on blogs and Facebook. We're stuck with each other now!


  1. As that first boss (thanks for not referring to me as your 'old boss' even though that IS true), I am so glad you took the time to find me. It's been too long and our chat today reminded me how much I have missed you! I am very grateful that we are stuck with each other...again!

  2. I had a debate with myself - was I stalking my old boss, or Googling her?

    What do YOU think?

  3. My 12 yr old is at scout camp this week. I miss him. :(

    I google people I know from the past... so I don't think you were stalking. lol

  4. Tori,
    I miss The Boy, but oh, did I need a break from him! Imagine parenting a 13 year old toddler - ya gotta watch him every second, or he's in trouble, or the refrigerator is empty and he's belching on the couch!

    I didn't just Google her - I did a search on her address and found her phone number...and called her. It all turned out great, but I felt a little scared there for a bit!

  5. Hope camp is going well for The Boy.

    Good for you for seeking out your former boss - what fun!

  6. OK, since I'm the possible stalkee, I decided that I'm the only one qualified to know if I'm being stalked, right? Makes perfect sense to me. So, I turned to the god-of-wikis Wikipedia & the definition of stalking is "Stalking is a term used to describe unwanted attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation." That having been said, your tracking me down after 20 has-it-really-been-that-long years certainly isn't unwanted. Quite the compliment, that.

    However, should I look out my window and see you with The Boy and The Mister in tow accompanied by a large moving van or your mobile home on wheels, I may find that to be unwanted. Deal?

    Y'all are lucky you found your way to June's virtual door. [ BTW, I reserve the right to use y'all because June & I came from an area where the equivalent word is "youns" ::gag:: ] I've missed her special brand of wit, her ability to make lemonade out of lemons and not forget to sweeten it, and especially her ability to make me laugh till I cried even under the crappy situation we found ourselves in oh-so-long ago. You might wonder, then, why we've not been in touch. Picture a tornado (he whose name shall never be spoken) and a collection of then-employed people. The tornado went through out lives casting us this way and that, changing us to unemployed people in the blink of an eye. Panic causes one (or even two) to do things they hadn't planned like to pick up stakes and move 700 miles just to ensure survival of my family.
    If June has stalked me, then hurray for stalking (with that tiny disclaimer above

    Blessings to all, no longer first boss, ex boss, old boss but friend found again.

  7. Thank you, LMoore. I am now relieved of any residual creepy stalker feelings.

    We have no plans to relocate to your neck of the woods, so rest easy.

    I'm very glad I found you again!


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