June 23, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave!

See that? Over to the left? That was the temperature here yesterday, at 3pm. Coincidentally, the Menopause Gods have kindly scheduled my daily hot flash for 3pm each day, so I'm already steaming. It is like clockwork...at three o'clock, BAM!

Back to the weather - It's hot! And it's a humid heat - the air feels thick and damp. Two minutes outside and everyone is hoping everyone else used deodorant. One of us has to be REMINDED to put on said deodorant. I'm not namin' names here, but boys who are almost 14 forget these little niceties.

Even The Boy refuses to go outside in this heat...so the nasal passages of the neighborhood are safe for now.

I watered our deck garden plants...twice. By evening, they looked like they needed another good drink.

The Boy and I have been inside together for days now...I'm beginning to crack. I love the kid, don't get me wrong - but I need my own space, ya know? All he wants to do is watch DVDs and tell me about Mad magazine and eat everything that hasn't been labeled nutritious. He's worse than an infant with this food thing - he is grazing for food approximately every two hours.

It's even too hot for this:

The weatherman has said that we can expect this weather pattern to continue until this Friday. So I guess The Boy and I are stuck with each other for several more days.

Thank God for air conditioning.
I dread the arrival of the next electric bill.


  1. Ick, that is seriously hot. We're supposed to hit 95 today, with nasty humidity.

    Maybe you should pick out the dvd today?

  2. Hi ~ I was just wandering around in the blogosphere and I landed here. I enjoyed reading about the cauliflower poo ( same thing has happened with my blender) and please send some of that heat towards New England - I can't remember the last time I saw the sun for more than a microsecond. Enjoy your day!

  3. Deb,
    I have a box on the deck for the heat I'll be sending you.

    Thanks for stopping by! I've been reading your blog today...it's good stuff.

  4. June...I am with you on the heat...unbearable as well over in Southern Indiana. However, I m never satisfied...just a few short months ago...I was begging for weather such as this! I guess I should be careful about what I wish for!


  5. Nice chair ya got there. Is that a Coke Zero I spy?

  6. Erin,
    Yes, that is the loverly chair you bought me. It is doing duty in the living room during this hot spell as an antenna stand (this DTV conversion stuff is rotten without cable).

    And yes, you saw a Coke Zero there. It is my beverage of choice.

    We share that addiction!

  7. Oh my and to think I was complaining about mid-80s yesterday!

    A trip to a mall or movie theater or other air conditioned away from home place in order?


  8. Sandy,
    It was in the mid-80s after midnight last night.

    Uhhh, the car - the A/C doesn't work, I believe it needs charging. I don't think we'll go anywhere during the day. When The Mister gets home from work (his van has lovely cool air), we may go on a drive just to see stuff beyond our own front door.

  9. I miss the heat, and we are going to get some nicer weather by the end of the week, but I DO NOT envy THAT kind of heat! Try to Stay cool!

  10. You're my hero, Friend. Just happened by. Lovin your blog, your people, your take on life. I'm a Follower now. I'll be back. Thank you, Keri

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