June 11, 2009

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 6/11/09

It's Wednesday, so it must be time for MamaKat and her writing prompts. This week, I've chosen her first prompt:
1.) Describe something someone has done to make you feel special.
(inspired by Le Poppy Design).

I not only FEEL special, I AM special! I try to notice when people are kind to me; it helps to recall the kindnesses received when I'm having one of those 'Gee, June, you are a wasted lump o' protoplasm' days - the days when the colors seem washed out, even though the sun is shining brightly. When I'm so far down in the pity chasm, I can't see the edge of the precipice above me. Here's some of the things that make me feel I'm a bright and shiny special gal:

The Mister, who is a heckuva guy overall, gives me compliments EVEN WHEN I DON'T CIRCLE HIM LIKE AN ANXIOUS PUPPY AND BEG FOR THEM. That mean's I'm deserving, right? Well, that's MY take on it. (Actually, he said that his life has never been better - that makes me feel all warm inside).

My three children make me feel special. My two daughters, all grown up with lives of their own, still call. They tell me stuff.
I feel like I'm in the loop. One even beats my butt regularly at Scrabble on Facebook. The grandkids call to say they love and miss me, my granddaughter let me "see " her new radio over the phone! Special. And The Boy - he saves all of his best rotten behavior JUST FOR ME - now, if that doesn't spell TORTURE S-P-E-C-I-A-L, what does?

My three gorgeous stepdaughters (sorry, Cammy, you don't have the trademark on 'gorgeous') have welcomed me into the family and make me feel very special! Ditto for the four"new" grandkids I've snagged in this whole marriage thing - they rock! Even little Winklebean thinks my shirt is a great drool cloth - now, THAT's special!

The Boy's teachers have told me repeatedly how they wished all their parents were like me. Now, this one can go both ways: they may learn this technique in Undeserved Parental Praise 101, in an attempt to keep all interactions tipping the positive side of the scale. On the other hand, maybe the other parents are bigger whiny, sarcastic slackers than I am; but then again, that means that the bar is pretty low, so I know I can succeed. (I also hear this same refrain from other professionals who work with The Boy and his 'issues', so maybe there is a grain of truth in it). Who cares! Thanks, Ms. McK! Ya make me feel special!

Bloggers make me feel special by commenting on entries that I think nobody will be interested in (hint hint)! Come on, let me feel the love today! Hey, I didn't mean JUST today, I meant every day!

I could go on and on (and WILL, with even a scintilla of encouragement), but I feel so special right now, I think I'll stop and reward myself - I'm THAT good!

If you want to see my second attempt at the writing prompt, writing a letter, click here.


  1. Congratulations on being special! It sounds like you have lots of wonderful people in your life to remind you just how special you are!

    I loved the post...now go give yourself a pat on the back!

  2. Just bopping over to say hello! It's good to take a minute to reflect on all of the good things we've got going - and by the sounds of it, you have many!!! Nice pic for the wripting prompt - I must say!

  3. You are a great addition to the Mister family! Thanks for opening your ears and arms to Hank's and my relationship. Winklebean sends his love on his sick day.

  4. Trudy,
    Now that I'm done patting my back, I can thank you for the comment! And yes, we are fat, dumb and happy here (highlight on happy).

  5. Le Poppy,
    After all, YOU were the inspiration for the prompt - I read your entry, and went from there. And it sounds like things are looking up for both of us. Continued success in your business!

  6. Cammy (aka Anonymous),
    Thanks for making me feel special. And it is always best to embrace what IS, no matter how we got there. I think you and Hank are great together.! Kiss Winklebean for me, ok? Hope he feels better soon!

  7. Awww what great ways to feel special, and not in the oh there is something wrong with her, "special" kind of way either!

  8. June,

    Thank you for making me feel special today with your kind words about my short story on the Raisin Chronicles.

    I think yours is excellent! "The overflowing trash perfuming the neighborhood"!!!!I grew up with these peeps. Smells like middle aged spirit!


  9. Shortmama,
    Do you mean I don't get to ride the short bus? :)

    Thanks for the comment!

  10. Steven G,
    I was looking out my own window when I wrote it, but I was sitting in the computer chair. I'm livin' it.

  11. Life is good when you feel special. Enjoy it.

  12. Dan,
    Thanks for the comment. I love your letter! Can you forward that to CDE, Ltd., and 123 Corp from me? :)

  13. It's obvious by the way your children are that you are special. Good job!

  14. April,
    Thanks for the oh so very kind comment!

    I guess if one of my kids ever does a tell-all book, the truth will come out! ;)

  15. You definitely are special, and that's in a good way. Sorry, the word special brings me back to my high school days when some used to tease that you were special but in a way that meant that not all your ducks were lined up quite right. I hate it when some people ruin perfectly innocent words by giving them new connotations. Honestly!!!


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