July 13, 2009

It's All Walt Disney's Fault

See these grandkids? Aren't they cuties? I think they're adorable, but I'm a bit biased. How I miss them! My granddaughter, Jordyn is 5, and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. Cameron will be 4 on Wednesday during Birthday Boy Week.

Our Birthday Boy Week marathon occurs every July. It's the time when numerous males in the family get a year older (but
not necessarily more mature).

The festivities started Saturday - my future son-in-law, Daryl, is our first Birthday Boy. Monday (today) is my brother Gary's birthday, Tuesday, it's The Boy's turn. Wednesday is for Cameron. Thursday is Mr. Aaron's birthday (my son-in-law, and the father of these two cuties).

Anyway, I digress. I was going to tell you why Walt Disney is at fault for our current situa

Early in 2007, my daughter Shannon started planning the ultimate family trip to Disney World, and we were invited along for the fun. Shannon, her husband Aaron, and his mom, Patty, loaded up the van with these two cute kids, Jordyn and Cameron, and drove from New York. After they arrived in Florida, they also got to spend some time with Aaron's friend. The Boy and I flew to Orlando, and met up with them at Disney's Pop Century Resort hotel.

A good time was had by all. I figured my role during this vacation was to enthusiastically smile and to spend money. And I did both.

Little did I know that Walt Disney World was a life-altering location! Shannon and the family enjoyed their time in Florida so much, they decided to move there. (Bad Walt Disney!)

Patty, Mr. Aaron's mom, lives with Shannon and the family in Florida. Every Saturday morning (sinced they moved there), Patty sends an email about what went on during their week. I feel both happy and sad about these messages. I am glad the kids are growing and thriving there - they are having such fun!

But reading each message makes me feel sad, because I realize all that I am missing since we are so far away. Before they moved to Florida, I lived fifteen minutes from them, in New York. I wish I had spent more time with them when they were there - but who could predict that they would leave? The Boy and I moved to New York to be near them. I didn't want to be the absent Grandma anymore. After they moved (a mere 18 months after we arrived), we lost our only reason to stay in New York. Since The Mister had a good job in Missouri (and I had no job), The Boy and I moved to begin our new life here.

So once again, I am the absent Grandma. It's harder this time, since I actually know what it's like to be near them.

I'll get to spend a few days with them next month, when we all meet in North Carolina for my younger daughter's wedding. But I'll be sharing them with my ex, and other family who also don't get to spend time with them.

We'll be very busy with wedding activities. I wish I had been able to come earlier to spend time with my daughter, Miss Erin and her husband-to-be, Daryl, and to stay longer, so I could follow the kids back to Florida to see them in their natural habitat. And if we'd drive past Disney World, I'd offer Walt, posthumously, a one-finger salute!

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  1. They are beautiful and it's understandable why you miss them so much!

  2. Awww... that makes me so sad and makes me think of my mom when we moved to Utah for 7 years. :(

  3. They are beautiful! While you are far away, you could still get web-cams and such so you can "be" with them as often as you want to. I know it's not the same as being able to go on adventures with them, but it might be a good compromise considering the circumstances. At any rate, enjoy the wedding for all it's worth.


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