July 18, 2009

Let the Cleaning Begin!

Tomorrow, we're having a family get-together to celebrate The Boy's birthday (his actual birthday was Tuesday).

I have been a negligent housewife lately; cleaning hasn't been high on my list of priorities (not that it EVER is). I spend way too much time on the computer each day. I'd rather do just about anything rather than cleaning. Add this to my general inclination for procrastination, and you have a recipe for general untidiness.

Oh, laundry gets done in a reasonable amount of time, and dinner is on the table every night (90% of the time, it's on the table when The Mister walks in from work). And we're not talkin' hot dogs and mac & cheese, or ordering out for pizza - we never eat that stuff for dinner. I like to cook, and have spent the past year trying new recipes and learning more about techniques and seasonings.

I have a very friendly relationship with clutter. It doesn't bother me, I don't bother it. And we co-exist pretty well most of the time...until some switch goes off in my head that makes me want to throw everything out and start over.

Or until there's a gathering at home - then I am spurred to deal with the stacks of junk mail on the kitchen counter, the mountain of DVDs in the living room, and the avalanche of stuff that seems to crawl out of every corner and land in a pile on my bedroom floor.

So I begin to straighten up and toss out mail and newspapers, I re-fold clothes that never got to their final destination in the drawers, return belongings to their proper location and dust. Then I really vacuum (the vacuuming that goes over the entire carpet, not just the parts where dirt is observed). We call that second kind of vacuuming "The Boy method".

If you're like me, you have degrees of cleanliness - there's 'family' clean, and 'company' clean. In my daughter Erin's case, there's 'friends' clean and 'Stacy' clean (apparently, that Stacy is quite a stickler, and will not hesitate to clean for you if it isn't done to her standards).

The Boy, who has just recently discovered the magnificence of prolonged telephone conversations, invited his teacher to the birthday celebration tomorrow. So now, I have to raise my standards to 'TEACHER' clean!

On tomorrow's menu: lasagna (two kinds), salad, and garlic bread, and cupcakes that
look like ears of corn (from Hello, Cupcake!).

If you're keeping score:

Our bedroom is done, as are the two bathrooms. The laundry is washed, dried and put away. I have marinara sauce simmering on the stove.

The cupcakes haven't even been baked yet, the frosting is still hypothetical.

I still have the living room, kitchen and spare room to clean. I am not planning on even entering The Man Cave or The Boy's Den of Chaos. The primary residents of these two rooms can decide what level of messiness is acceptable.

The festivities start at 5pm, sharp. I am moderately fearful confident that I can get everything done by then. I know I can count on some assistance from The Mister, and reluctantly, from The Boy.

And if you see some large dust bunnies hopping your way, they're from me.


  1. I'm a clutter-bug, too. Although I have to say that I do vacuum religiously. Mr. Fairway doesn't seem to know the difference between clutter and dirt, but I do! And PS: When I saw the name of your blog, I Freakin' Laughed Out Loud!

  2. You weeemen worry too much about little stuff. Heck cooking is where the heart is and sounds like you got that covered.:)

  3. Glenn,
    Well, since I am the stay at home gal, it is kinda my job to do this stuff...if I were working, and being paid, I'm sure my slacker ways would get me canned!

    The kicker of it all: The teacher and her son ate something that made them sick - they never made it to the party! But they've promised to meet us for lunch one day next week.

    So all that cleaning...but it wasn't for naught. It looks nice, and I can goof off much more this week! lol

  4. You sound far too capable of maintaining a proper household. I'mm intimidated... ;) hope the party was fun!

  5. Hmmmm Having been in your house. I am amazed. That some of me has rubbed off on you. Lol You forgot to mention is it up to Lila Standards... Maybe I should come back with a white glove next time.

  6. Oh NO, not the white gloves!!

    I can NEVER meet Lila's standards!

  7. Not only do you meet them, You excell at them. You are truly a remarkable, woman, friend, mother, sister. I am blessed having you in my life.


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