July 16, 2009

Mother of the Bride Hijinx - Or A Tale of Two Sashes

I've posted before about my daughter Erin's impending wedding in August. Plans are well underway, Erin is nothing if not organized and on top of things.

Except for the dress. (The pictures here are of THE DRESS, not the dress. Imagine the bow on the back in cobalt. I know you can).

Oh, she has a dress, but it wasn't THE DRESS. It was a more reasonably priced alternative. She tried on the perfect dress (aka THE DRESS) back in April, when she was in PA visiting her dad. But she didn't feel that she should spend so much - so she got her second choice (about half the price of the dress to die for). She and Daryl are footing the bill for this wedding, and Erin is a fiscally responsible adult.

Last week, she went to the seamstress. The dress needed alterations - EXTENSIVE alterations, which would make the final cost exactly what she would have paid for THE DRESS. Thus began her search, in earnest, for THE DRESS.
She found one online and ordered it. Lo and behold, she just found out that it will be ready to be delivered THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING.

Here's where I come in. She called this morning from a work-related training class (offsite, no Internet access), and explained her situation. She wanted me to scour the ends of the Internets looking for THE DRESS, in an attempt to get one delivered to her in time for her wedding. OH, have I mentioned that I don't like to shop? But for Erin and her wedding, I will do anything.

I spent several hours on the phone with bridal shops in PA who carry THE DRESS. I should mention here that I am in Missouri; my daughter lives in Raleigh - yes, the one in North Carolina. There are NO shops in either of our states that carry THE DRESS. So that's why I was calling in PA.
Each of the shops I called have ONE dress in her size, but the sash isn't the right color. Apparently, all of the shops get the same sample dress. She has her heart set on a cobalt blue sash. A berry sash just wouldn't do.

I spoke to my daughter during a break in her class, and told her what I had found. Nope, not good enough. She still wanted a white dress with a cobalt blue sash. She was matter-of-fact about it, she didn't get all Bridezilla-y on my butt. Not at all. (Thanks, Erin!)

Back to the telephone and the Internets I go. Go ahead, hum the dwarves "Heigh Ho" song - I know you want to!

One shop I called offered an alternative - different dress, similar style, and add one of their available sashes. In COBALT. Progress, perhaps?

Erin now knows all the alternatives - when she gets out of class, she'll log in and take a look at Plan B.

I figure I gained a few Mom Points today (God knows I need 'em). And I got to help with the dress thing, just not in person, so I feel more like the mother of the bride, instead of a wedding guest, and that's cool.

I sure hope she likes Plan B.

I'm going to assume my future son-in-law doesn't read the blog and post some pictures of THE DRESS and Plan B (hoping it does not get renamed 'Poor Substitute').

And Erin, even if you showed up for the nuptials wearing a burlap sack, you'd still be a beautiful bride. Just let me know if you need me to do any other shopping for you. Love you, chica.



  1. Plan B is lovely and I'm sure your daughter will be a beautiful bride!


  2. Even in burlap!

    She's going to look locally one more day, then make up her mind what to do.

  3. I actually like Plan B better.

    But Miss Erin will look fabulous whatever she wears, even if shorts, a tee and flip flops! :-)

  4. I really like Plan B. It's beautiful. Hey thanks for stopping by today. What do you mean you hope your cakes will look like mine someday?? Of course they will, your JuneFREAKINCleaver!!! Says so right on your blog.

  5. I adore Plan B.

    I want to get married again...

    or never get married again...

  6. Summer,
    A wedding and being married are two different kettles of fish...and one smells much more than the other!

  7. I love "THE DRESS", but I reeeeaaally love Plan B. It's beautiful. Nice back-up choice.

    I hope everything works smoothly for your daughter and she absolutely loves whatever dress she picks.

  8. Ahhh..the wedding dress experience. You are handling it well! I hope Plan B works out, S-I-L doesnt peek, but that your daughter does read it so she sees your last line which about made me cry.

  9. THE DRESS was still the most beautiful. Plan B had too much roushing and would make my ass look huge because of the back. BUT after calling 18 bridal stores in the area and driving an hour and 20 minutes West on Route 40 to Bridal Mart, I found A DRESS, not THE DRESS, but A DRESS. It's alright. It's white. It will do. And in September, both dresses will make their way to the consignment shop so that other fat brides can find a dress to suit them.

    Let me also say that most bridal shops stop carrying dresses past size 14 or 16. It's quite discouraging and discriminating for fat chicks.


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