July 15, 2009

Visited by The Blue Screen of Death

It's official: My computer is on the fritz. The Blue Screen of Death (aka Blue Screen) pops up on the monitor many times a day. My computer is less than two years old, and it's behaving like a toddler!

I spent hours today running diagnostics on the hardware - all components passed with flying colors.

I also used canned air and a small vacuum to remove the mound of dust that had nestled into every nook and cranny of the case.

The Mister removed the fan (I haven't heard it run in the last couple of days), and got a replacement, but it was the wrong size. He should return tomorrow evening with a fan of the correct size.

So now I'm in the Man Cave, using The Mister's much more powerful PC. I wonder if the change of scenery will change the mood of my posts.

I won't be online as much as usual, because I cannot monitor every movement of The Boy from the Cave. In the time it takes to respond to an email, two days' worth of food could go missing; in the time it would take to create a new posting, my estimate of food eaten would be five days' worth.

I might be forced to do housework. Damn.

Isn't technology wonderful?


  1. Great Post...you somehow can take everyday hassles and turn them into really enjoyable reading (probably not enjoyable to you...but your posts sure make my day!)


  2. Thanks, Dan! If life gives me lemons, I first think about throwing them at a fan operating at full speed...then I make lemonade!


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