July 21, 2009

A Weighty Subject

On Sunday, Mama Kat's blog discussed wearing Spanx to look skinnier around other women - women she did not know.

First of all, Mama Kat is not fat. She's quite lovely the way she is. Her need to impress strangers is fodder for another posting.

Today, I want to talk about us women, and how we are brainwashed into thinking that we are not good enough the way we are right now.

The average dress size of the American woman right now is a size 14. Not a zero. Not an 8. It's a 14, people.

Yet, we admire and try to emulate the anorexic, emaciated models on the runway, who are nothing more than clothes hangers for the designers. Fashion is so much easier when your model has no curves; all those angular lines! I'm sure some of them need to have the size zero clothing taken in - a good wind would knock those gals right off their stilettos.

Don't you dare tell me they look good! Many of them resemble concentration camp victims.

Physical statistics of an average American woman? 5'4" tall, 164 lbs. (according to Glamour magazine, 2008)
Physical statistics of the average supermodel? 5'10" tall, 129 lbs. (also Glamour)


Hollywood is no better. Women strive to be thin like some of the actresses in films and on TV. We follow crash diets, or exercise obsessively, or even dabble in bulimia to look like the box office starlets (who also go to great lengths to maintain their physical self).

The media is not our friend here in Self-Esteem land. There are stories about new Hollywood mommies who have lost all their baby weight within 25 minutes of giving birth. Ok, maybe not 25 minutes, but it's within a few weeks. The average American woman does NOT have a personal trainer and a chef to help them get back in shape. And you haven't even fully recovered from giving birth in three weeks. It's nuts.

Every magazine has the newest fad diet craze within its covers, they offer advice to firm up, flatten and erase flab in every issue. If any one of these schemes worked, there would be no need for the next issue of the magazine. Go ahead, spend your money.

If today's standards were applied to these women in the past (when they were younger), they would all be classified as obese today: Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Ann-Margret, Jane Mansfield, Elizabeth Taylor.

Now, I know that we Americans are all getting fatter - but we are not all FAT.

I happen to be one of the fat ones. i need to lose an obscene amount of weight to even approach average. So don't whine to me about your last.five.pounds.

And I'm going to slap the next skinny gal who bitches about how fat she is. Forewarned is forearmed, they say (I'll forearm 'em!).

Get real, ladies! Don't fall for the hype!

Ok, that's enough. And to my skinny gal readers: go eat a brownie or something.


  1. I'll sit on them ... you force feed them!

    I agree with you. I don't read fashion magazines precisely for this reason. The media constantly tells women (especially young girls) that they need to love who they are, but in the same breath promote these skinny broads. Get your story straight, people!

  2. I love this post! It's ridiculous what 'society' deems we should look like. It's a ridiculous industry and I would 100 x's rather have my 100 lbs to lose than be emaciated like Kate Moss. I don't know how anyone could find that attractive?!

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Now here's a novelty, a MAN putting in his 2 cents worth, 'cause that is about all I have left after my ole lady gets through with me. Men don't (maybe boys do) go for the "skinnieee" hype. It just aint so. I even wrote a short story about gray hair being attractive..lol.. anyhow, you all look great. I aint even seen ya, but ya DO.

  4. Thanks, Glenn! Real women don't go ga-ga over the hairplug, Botox guys, either...though I think most women appreciate those elusive sixpack abs.

    I don't put much stock in a man's appearance...looks fade, hair that was thick can fall out. Give me a guy who can make me laugh!

  5. I hear you ... nothing more annoying that someone who wears a size 2 moaning about how fat they are. And these actresses ... I just console myself that they must be MISERABLE ... beause what in god's name could they possibly be eating?????

    I look forward to our Game On Diet! I think it will be quite helpful. And it is commonsense ... just feeling healthy and practicing good basic habits.

  6. hey, I'm taller than average! You made my day. ;^)


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