August 18, 2009

Let's Talk About My Day...Catching Hell for the Boy

He ate all the Vanilla Storm ice cream
He used the computer (he's on restriction); I didn't lock the computer before I went to bed.
He took a shower...during the time period The Mister would normally take a shower.

This is what I heard this morning. From bed. All before 5:30 this morning. The news came approximately every THREE minutes. While I was lying in bed, pretending that life was good, and I could sleep. Door closed. Door opened. Every THREE minutes.

The Mister is the family reporter. The Boy had a busy morning. He says he got up at 4 am. Maybe 5. He's not sure.

And all of this is MY FAULT. I constantly catch hell for The Boy.

Everything is my fault. Global warming? I did it.
Financial system meltdown? Blame me.
Housing bubble? Me.
Cat puking on carpet? You guessed it - my fault, entirely.

I got dressed in yesterday's clothes. Stumbled through the house. Screamed at The Boy to GET OUT OF THE SHOWER. NOW. Hit my own head against the wall once to stop the voices, I knew I needed to escape.

Sat in the car, doors locked. Windows up. Just to not hear any more news bulletins.

It's a great place, this world we live in, where it is a 24-hour news cycle - the news came to me. Knocked on the car window. Final update.

I had flashbacks. I was a young girl again, when my mom would come into my room, in the dead of night, and SCREAM at me to clean something. Covers ripped off. Water poured on my sleepy head. Get up, dammit.

I married my mother? It took all of my inner resources not to call him Ruth.

When The Mister reads this, expect more Hell.

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  1. I am so sorry to tell you that I needed this today. Did you know that it is HARD to be a mother of a child who is the definition of a DSM diagnosis?

    Remember Alexander and the horrible, no good, really bad day?

    I'm thinking of moving to Australia.

  2. KNOW that it's hard? I live it every day.

  3. Ick...I hope your day gets better and you don't have to spend any more of it in the car.

  4. This comment is intended for the eyes of The Mister...

    Yes, I know June is intelligent snd capable. She is not responsible for the world's problems. Or all of the ice cream/shower/computer problems. Clearly nothing is wrong with YOUR mouth, if it works to report than it works to yell at The Boy yourself.

    That is all.

  5. Don you wish sometimes that there was a magic room you could go to where everything would be peaceful and quiet and there were no news updates

  6. An on/off switch, that's what you need. My hubby used to do the same thing! I would hear "would you talk to.... about....". When I said "Why don't you talk to them about..." He said, " Well I don't want them to grow up not liking me!" So mom played the heavy and they still liked me at the end of the day. Good luck and thank goodness for humor, it will get you through the storms and if not, go shopping and/or eat brownies!!!

  7. Yeah, I actually KNOW. I had a nervous breakdown yesterday because of my little DSM case study. Yay, me!

    Today I chose to be a non-Mom. No corrections. No directives, no positive strokes but no punishment, either. I broke for a few moments to remove sharp objects but today it was better that I was a non-parent than a critical, maniacal parent.

    I so enjoy the honesty of your posts.

  8. Loved this rant. You got fire in your belly Miss Definitely Not June Freakin' Cleaver! Power on. Sit in the car if you have to, just don't leave it running in the garage. I'll be back for more.

  9. Ugh. What a sucky day. And I would be miserable if I married my mother. At this point, it doesn't seem like I have. Hang in there.

  10. Two suggestions, if I may:

    To Miss Definitely Not June Freakin' Cleaver: Create boundaries for yourself; they will be met with resistance but, will eventually earn the respect that has been allowed to escape and...

    To The Mister: Clearly, you have forgotten the most basic of rules learned by most in Kindergarten regarding respect for self and others. Grow up and quit throwing tantrums when things don't go exactly as YOU expect them!

  11. Oh girl sounds like my DH and my mother too! Really the boys broke something of yours and it was because I wasn't watching them close enough in our own home! Oh you got made threw your keys and broke the alarm but it's my fault!

    Yup feeling you girl!


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