August 26, 2009

My Feeble Attempt at Social Interaction

Last night, I attended a meeting of a local Writer's Group. I'm not sure I could say what I expected it to be like before I got there - I can just tell you that it was different from my expectations.

The meetings are held at a Borders store about 45 minutes from home. There were about 20 or so folks there; I was one of many first time visitors.

It was sometimes hard to hear what was being said - a couple of longtime members were chatting a bit loudly while the group's leader was speaking.

Most of these folks seemed to be interested in writing science fiction/fantasy novels - a genre that I have absolutely no interest in reading or writing. I prefer to write about THIS world, not one from my imagination. One member said, rather sarcastically, "EVERYONE has read Dragonlance!" Uhhh, sorry - not everyone. Even The Mister, who also reads a lot of fantasy novels, has not read that particular book. Perhaps he needs to get with the program, huh?

I was the sole blogger of the group - there didn't seem to be much interest in blogging at all.

I felt silly sitting there. I thought about how much gas and time I wasted.

One young woman submitted two short stories for critique - stories that she had relatively little memory of, as they were written a while ago. So she could provide very little background material about her motivation for writing what she did.

I got the feeling that everyone in the group has at least one novel inside of them, just screaming to be put on paper. Me? Not so much.

I don't think I heard of one single person who actually had published a book, though one had an agent and was shopping the book around to publishing houses, and others may be self-published. I was one of two people who had ever paid the bills from writing.

The group published an anthology of short stories, Toasted Ravioli. They are working on their second anthology now.

Also, they talked about National Novel Writing Month - a yearly project for folks to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. It's an effort to get folks past writer's block; the goal is the completed draft, not the quality of the work contained therein. If you want to check out their Web site, look here.

I don't think this group is for me. I need to find a group that caters to middle-aged moms/grandmas who have a smartass streak a mile long, I guess.

Still looking for my niche,


  1. Now there are two of us. Can we start that group now?

  2. Let me know when you find that group...maybe not the middle aged mom/grandma part...but definitely the smart ass part suits me just fine.

  3. I often wonder how many people that I see may blog...maybe I've over estimating!

    Oh and you are in luck with the group that caters to middle aged moms/grandmas who have a smartass's called the blogosphere! =) lol

  4. i like your streak,, lol. I went to one of those here. Over run with dorks arguing about structure and punctuation. The lady "big shot" was a romance writer with one credit. The whole group had a combined "lure" of a cricket. I am being harsh. I am definately not considered a writer. I am not an automotive engineer either but I can change a damn flat.

  5. when does the 'smartass streak' group meet? carpool anyone?

  6. I wonder at the age of the majority of the people in this group. The reason I wonder is because I took a writing class last year that was all 19-20 y/o's except me. And, all of them tended to write fantasy. I wondered if that might be the result of growing up with that kind of stuff in games and videos. The children's stories I wrote definitely stood out in the crowd!


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