August 14, 2009

A Season of New Beginnings

We have a lot going on at the Cleaver compound. Here are the highlights:

Our granddaughter, Jordyn, started Kindergarten yesterday. She told me about her first day (over the phone):
  • She played with Play-Doh when she arrived.
  • There are four seats at her table, but one was empty.
  • The boy who sat by her at lunch told her to stop talking to him - she said, "He was SO rude!" But she sure liked looking at his 'sprinkle brownie' (it was chocolate confetti cake). She wants to start buying her lunch (she thinks they'll serve the cake every day).
  • She met "the coach". They did jumping jacks (her favorite), she jumped rope, and she mumbled something about walking and hula hoops. Lost in translation, I guess.
  • Her teacher's name is Ms. Sparkman - and yes, she's going back to school today.
  • My daughter Shannon got 'volunteered' by the teacher to be a classroom mother. Fun stuff, that.
Sunday is The Mister's birthday. We're having his kids and grandkids over for cake and ice cream on Saturday. He's requested carrot cake. For all the non-vegetable-laced dessert lovers, I will also make a chocolate cake.

Our granddaughter, Desiree, will be starting 7th grade next week. New school, new friends. She's been to orientation, I know she'll have a great year.

Our grandson, Nate, is also moving to a new school. He'll start his 5th grade adventure next week, also.

The Boy starts 8th grade next week. We're hoping he maintains some self-control and is able to transition to the middle school in January.

Two weeks from today, we will be flying to Raleigh for my younger daughter's wedding. Erin and Daryl are tying the knot in a ceremony outside. I have heard lots about the reception menu - and looking forward to sharing the good times.
  • We will be running errands on Friday before the rehearsal. Afterwards, a dinner will be catered under a pavilion.
  • We have a 'girlie girl' outing before the ceremony to do the mani/pedi hairdo thing.
  • I'll also get to see my oldest brother and his wife, and my daughter Shannon and family. Jordyn may tell me more about school. Cameron, my four year old grandson, will probably talk my ear off. A good time will be had by all.
  • The Mister and my ex (father of the bride) both share the same first name. One of my goals is to shout out "Hey (fill in the blank)"...and see if they both turn around. And any time spent with the ex and his wife is just gravy (greasy and bad for you). It will be the first time The Mister and the ex get to meet...won't that be special?
My stepdaughter Tammy, and her sweetie, Frank, are getting married on September 9. I will have my first go-round as 'evil stepmother of the bride' - I can't wait. They're having an outdoor ceremony at a local conservatory.

We are lucky to have a family that is healthy and happy - and hopeful that these happy beginnings will be among our most cherished memories.

We are blessed.


  1. WOW you are going to be BUSY these next few weeks...should be an exciting time!

  2. Life can come at you fast sometimes...and provide a lot of future blogging material! I'll especially look forward to hearing about the past and future husbands meeting. How does The Boy feel about seeing the dad who doesn't recognise him on the phone?

  3. You are truly blessed! So much going on for your family right now! What a beautiful season of life! Have a BLAST!!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. Who doesn't love carrot cake?!? My hubs is allergic to carrots though so I never get it. I'm jealous. Hope the weddings go well, how exciting!

  5. really have your plate full! Sounds like some exciting thins coming up though. Good luck with all of it. I used to take wedding pictures and remember how stressed out everyone was the day of the wedding...that is why I got out of that gig!

    Also, I like the way you sign your name on your do you do that?


  6. Lots of fun stuff. Congrats to everyone.

  7. I've never had to deal with an ex and his wife. Good luck!

  8. Sounds like a busy place, your house.

    I, too, am perfecting my evil stepmother stuff, but I had to move to another hemisphere to do it!

  9. So much to do, so little time! Love your grandbaby's observations, especially about 4 chairs. And the gravy analogy is practically priceless!

  10. Put on your running shoes, because it is all or none re: stuff going on. The comment re: 2 guys named ??. Funny! I would be the same way... might as well get a little chuckle out of the deal!! orneryness would follow... anyway, beautiful time of year for weddings. enjoy yourself and eat cake for me please.

  11. BTW, Mrs. Scribe has just named you a Superior Scribbler. Please come by to collect your accolades!


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