September 01, 2009

And You Thought Yesterday's Post Was Bad...

First, let me take care of some business from posts about the wedding. You can read the first part here, and the second part here if so inclined. To the Anonymous commenter (previously known as Switzerland, I believe):

Be brave enough to use your name and I'll gladly add your flaming comment. It's so nice to put a name to an insult.

Ok, change of heart here - I will post the comment here, in its entirety. It's obviously someone who knows my daughter and knows, or thinks they know, what happened the other day.

of course neutral in your eyes would mean only if we were on your side... amazing the new definition of words. Espically stories how they are told and twisted. Those that were there know exactly what happened, and what happened all surrounding the wedding. Maybe one day you'll apoligize to your daugher, if she'll accept it. She is an amazing person and to think she came by all her success with no thanks to drama like this.

Thank you for comments, Anonymous. Have a great day. Consider investing in a dictionary, or at least run your comments through a spell checker...just a tip.

Thank you for indulging me that bit of nastiness. Here's my intended post:

The Boy, being who he is, was very upset at school Monday. He could not get it together. When the teacher asked him how the wedding went, he said he didn't want to talk about it. (To my mind, that tells me that he hadn't fully dealt with the feelings that overwhelmed him).

His teacher tried valiantly to get him back in focus, but it was hopeless - he was too far gone.

made stabbing motions toward the teacher with his pencil;
spit on her;
swung his backpack and hit another teacher on the back.

The result of these actions? Assault in the 3rd degree. He is now detained in a local juvenile facility.

I got to see him for twenty minutes and gave the nurse his medication.

When I see him again on Wednesday, he will be clad in a jumpsuit, and be cuffed and shackled - just like all the other criminals.

The judge will then decide if he can come home, or if he needs to be placed back in the juvenile center, or in another facility.

If bad things happen in threes, we've had our share.


  1. Oh wow. Sometimes I just don't get it. No need to treat a kid with issues as a criminal. Like that is going to help. I hope things get better soon.

  2. Um, OK - Switzerland here. I did not send you the anonymous comment with poor spelling. That must have been someone else. And OK, I was a guest at the wedding...the matron of honor as a matter of fact. I would not send such a scathing comment as Erin is my best friend and I would not want to upset her. Yes, I should have been brave enough to use my name and not Switzerland, but I was trying to keep things light. So here's my name: Michele Murdock. But I was not the anonymous person- obviously Erin has other friends who want to stand up for her. She is a wonderful, amazing person. I'm sorry that you can't see that.

    I am sorry for Daniel, too. He is a good boy. He just needs a little extra. OK, my thing is said. I'm backing out of this family drama now. I just had to defend my best should be proud of her and the wonderful things she has done with her life.
    I apologize if you think I am sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong, but people had to hear that Erin is better than what your blog would lead them to believe.

  3. I feel for you & the situation your in. I hope that judge sees that your son needs counseling & possibly anger management & not jail time. Though, even if your son does end up staying in juvi it would be best to get him counseling afterwards. I hope things get better for you & your family!

  4. Michele,

    I already assumed you were Switzerland as soon as I read the six year comment (I do listen once in a while).

    If I didn't love and respect and admire Erin, all of this stuff wouldn't bother me so much. I just wish she'd realize that I do not control the behavior of the males I brought with me to the wedding.

    And I've written other glowing posts about my daughters. I already know she's wonderful and amazing...and opinionated and stubborn.

    I've already apologized and hope that she can forgive me my failings as a mother, and as mother of the bride.

    As for Daniel, he continues to be my top priority. Hopefully, we can get past this current difficulty and get him back on the right road.

    I have no doubts Erin is already enjoying married life. Daryl is great, and they are both smart cookies.

    I enjoyed meeting you and your daughters, they are special little girls.

    Erin is indeed lucky that she has friends who defend her so vehemently.

    Thank you for your comments...I like Michele better than Switzerland anyway.

  5. I've worked hard ridding my body of stress, but it flashes back reading these posts. Sorry about the boy. Sorry about the relationship difficulties, misunderstandings, and such. Sucks! What would June do????? Have a martini?

  6. I will pray that things with The Boy are resolved quickly and he can get back to some type of normal, whatever that may resemble for you. This has to be especially tough since it is happening at the start of a new school year for him.

    I also hope and pray that you can just leave all of this behind. You have extended the apology to Erin and can not control what she decides to do with it.

    God bless you!

  7. There is no way I can relate to you, but my heart is full of empathy for you!!!

    My friend's son is autistic and she often gets a lot of criticism about his behavior. I tell her time and time and time again: NOBODY could do any better with him than you are doing. You are doing your best and most people would have given up by now!

    I say the same to you. Nobody could do better in this situation than you are doing.

  8. The PDD world is just not always compatible with our reality. Poor kid. Poor mom WHO, I must add, is an exceptionally articulate writer who clearly discussed 1) the incidences that bothered her and 2) identified her feelings.

    There is no reason to defend your words nor your feelings. This is your platform and I'm riding along for your journey. I enjoy your wisdom, wit, and learn from your experience.

    I hope The Boy comes home soon.

    It's tough to be a mom.


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