September 25, 2009

Courting Risk - An UPDATE


The Boy pled (pleaded in non-legal circles) guilty to three charges of assault (all misdemeanors). We had a judge who was filling in for the regular juvenile judge. She gave him probation. His rules for probation are exactly like those of his temporary probation, with the addition of random drug screens. Due to his medication, he will test positive for benzodiazepines (the court is already aware of this).

The Boy had been sweating about court since last night (I was worried that he would have trouble sleeping). He fretted at school today, convinced that he was going back to detention.

I sincerely hope that he never forgets that feeling of fear - and that the prospect of detention will be a grand deterrent to future troubles with the law.

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  1. I agree...I hope that he holds onto that fear he was having today to help control his temper in the future. He was given a crappy hand for sure. Glad he got probation

  2. This may end up being one of those things that is a "blessing in disguise". Good news.

  3. Very good news! Glad to hear he just got probation!

  4. Fear is definitely a strong deterrent. Hope this is a turning point for the good for The Boy.

  5. As you can probably tell, I'm getting caught up on your blog but reading backwards. Sigh. I guess it didn't help.


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