September 03, 2009

Gazing at the Moon

When I am missing loved ones, Fievel Mousekewitz comes to mind.

No, I am not Russian, nor are we a family of mice.

When we're separated, whether it be by distance, circumstance, or difference of opinion, it's this song that does it for me.

I think it's because the movie, An American Tail, came out about the same time my first marriage ended - and it was the first time my kids were away from me. I told them to think of the song, and know that I was also looking at the sky.

Fievel's version is cute, but I really prefer the Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram version.

And yes, it does help me to think that we're sleeping underneath the same big sky.

Who do YOU miss tonight?


  1. I love that song as well and think of it when I think of my family back home.

  2. Definitely love that song! I also love how music can transport us to a different place and time!

  3. I am missing me. Where the hell did I go?

    Love this movie also, and we still quote from it...."Rewease the secwet weapon", "E pluribus onum" or whatever.

  4. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I watch it all the time. When it came out I had a big stuffed Fivel and I carried it by his tail and sang "there are no cats in america" over and over. lol


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