September 04, 2009

Is There a Labor Day for the Unemployed?

Since we're all unemployed at the Cleaver compound, just what are we to celebrate this Labor Day?

Let's make a list, shall we?

1. Unemployment compensation - that fraction of previous income (30%) that lets us eat and maintain our existence. I'm on my umptiumpth (a technical term that reflects the LONG TIME I've been unemployed) extension, it runs out in about six weeks. The Mister is finishing up his waiting week, then I assume that someday, he too will receive his weekly amount. It's a good thing we're cheap bastids frugal.

Twenty minutes later, and I'm still trying to come up with more.

Hope everyone has a marvy weekend!


  1. Cheers to unemployment and extentions! I'm celebrating that at least I don't work somewhere I HATE. I'd rather be unemployed than dread going to work every single day.


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