September 23, 2009

I've Been Lax in My Duties...Shame, Shame!

I am a slacker. At least, that's the role I've assumed for myself lately. With The Mister also out of work, my entire routine (what little there was) is now non-existent. I spend waste my entire day on Facebook, reading blogs, visiting my neighbor Marcia (not that THAT part is a waste), and just generally annoying The Mister (again, quite enjoyable).

I miss the "alone time" I had when both The Mister and The Boy were off during their daily adventures. A gal I can hardly scratch and spit nowadays without being watched. Conversations I used to have with the cat myself now are no longer private.

I've slacked off on domestic duties. I haven't baked in weeks. I rarely cook; The Mister has been manning the pots and pans far more than I have. I fear I may have to give up my 'June Freaking Cleaver' moniker for 'June Freaking Lazy'.

Laundry languishes in the dryer until I want the next washed load to be dry.

I have perfected procrastination and laziness...yet I have no sense of accomplishment or pride.

I spend WAY too much time on Facebook. In addition to FarmTown, which I blogged about here, I am also playing Farmville and Island Paradise (which is really FarmTown, but with sand and surf).

I also find games to play on Facebook just to avoid doing anything of any value...including writing a daily blog posting. I've slacked off there, too.

I am loath to admit that I need a schedule (oh, that hurt to type that word) to function; without it, I am adrift in my sea of domestic irresponsibility. Now, getting The Boy out the door in the morning each school day is my only structured activity - the rest of the day resembles the weekend in its randomness.

Without the thrill of a deadline looming, even making dinner is a big, lousy chore.

Who'd have thought that I, the Queen of Procrastination, would have a hankering for a sense of timeliness, of time well spent, and a job well done?

I hope The Mister forgets to read this post - I'd hate to think of the "projects" he'd dream up for me to complete. Can we keep this "our" little secret?

Thanks. I'd appreciate that.


  1. Your secret is safe with me. That's why I had to stop playing FarmTown on was getting too crazy. Now I just have dead crops all over, yet people are still so good to work it for me, LOL!

    Good luck with the schedule, I find that one to be a 4-letter word too. I suppose after the baby is here next Spring, I might have to consider it!

  2. Zippin my lips and throwing away the key

  3. Your secret is safe with me. It is easy to lose focus when you don't HAVE to do anything ... but I like to have a bunch of little projects to work on or I'd go nuts!

  4. Oh - I have been there and done that and would never tell your tales. I will say quite seriously (no fun, I know) that you can't let the "unschedule" get the best of you, because it certainly will. Can you schedule a trip to Starbucks in your pink robe? A commitment is a commitment :) I'll be thinking of you

  5. Before June came to Missouri, she informed me she was a bit of slacker. About 15 minutes before she got on the plane from New York. Of course being the type of person I am, I did not let that slacker remark phase me. Ohh my goodness, I had no idea what she realy meant by the word Slacker.

    I often have to remind her several times in the morning to get up and send the boy to school. A project she dearly enjoys to do. The getting up in the morning is a thing that seems to be genetic, her whole family has the same problem. She used to blame it on the fact she couldnt sleep. But during the day, she can fall asleep at the smile of the Sandman.

    Perhaps you have read of some her complaints in her blog about me trying to get her up in the morning. I have learned my lesson let sleeping grumps lay.

    I will also gently remind her, that the wash need to be taken out of the dryer and hung up so he shirts don't wrinkle. Needless to say, three days later she is rewashing clean shirts.

    The best things that happens is when the kids or grandkids come over. June doesnt want to let them know what a veteran slacker she is. She does encourage me to invite them over more.

    And I do read every one of her posts, in self defense of course, and to see if I should bring home a bribe of chocolate or Coke Zero.

    Contrary to what she says, she does not get Hell from me. But a stern "Dad Look" when she misbehaves.

    Of course the management of this blog takes no responsibility for what the Mister Says.

    God Bless each and every one of us.


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