September 29, 2009

Making a Difference...One Half Hour at a Time

Tomorrow afternoon I start volunteering at a nearby elementary school. I've been matched with a kindergartener. This little boy is falling behind in class. He doesn't know his letters or numbers, cannot count, and needs some extra help.

His teacher said that she'd like me to read to him, because she doesn't think he gets that kind of attention at home.

The trainers for the Oasis program said that what the kids need most is an adult friend. It is sad that every child doesn't receive all the individual attention he/she needs and wants.

Since Kindergarten is the new the second grade (at least according to Jenners), I'm wondering how much my half an hour a week with him is going to help.

I've been to the library and picked out some picture books (some without any words), so we can share a story together.

I am eager to learn what this child likes to do, so I can pick out books that he'll enjoy. We'll read the story, then I'll ask him some questions about it, and record what he thinks - so he'll be writing his own story about the illustrations. Eventually, we'll get to letter recognition and phonics, and hopefully, to having him start to read and write.

And I can't help feeling this sense of irony - here I am helping a child I don't know to have a positive experience in school, while my own son continues to struggle.


  1. Wow, that sounds soo wonderful. I'm sure you will make such a huge difference for him. And just think about it this way, your son may be struggling, but someone may come along and help him like you are doing for this boy. It will come back to you 10-fold. :)

  2. You will be amazed at how much that little time will help him. I go to my daughters school for an hour on Monday mornings and work with some of the kids that are having trouble with reading and spelling. It really does make a difference! The need that attention and help that they are obviously not getting at home. The kids are eager to read with me or practice spelling with me, they enjoy the time and so do I!

  3. wonderful idea. The young person will get a tremendous amount of good out of this. Perhaps a different insight to help with the other also. congrats..

  4. I think it will be healing. Perhaps you can heal the one in areas you feel no control in the other. We give where we can...sometimes those gifts are rejected, and sometimes they are left to be opened at a time not of our choosing, benefit unseen. They are still worth the giving.

  5. I think it is wonderful that you are doing this!!! I hope it is fulfilling. You just never know ... just this small amount of time can make a huge difference in this kid's life. And you know you've given your all for your son ... I think it is amazing for you to find it in you to reach out and help this kid. I'd love to hear more about this experience!

  6. What a wonderful thing - for both of you.

  7. That is a truly wonderful gift you are giving that young man. Enjoy!!


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