September 21, 2009

Not Following the Dresscode

I live in a mobile home. In a park. In shor
t, I am trailer trash.

I must say I don't feel like I fit in here - but it was an economical housing option for The Mister and myself during these difficult economic times we live in.

Buying a mobile home is far cheaper than rent (and there are no upstairs neighbors yelling at me when The Boy is in the middle of an outburst).

Our trailer (yes, I do call it a trailer, though nobody is ever going to pull it behind the family car for vacation) is nice. The kitchen is larger than the one I had in my house - overall, it's a good place to hang our

One curious thing I've noticed is how some folks dress when they venture outside in the neighborhood. Just this morning, I had a young mother, baby on her hip, knock at our door (to inquire about a box fan we had p
ut out for the trash).

I've never seen this woman before; she lives somewhere down the street. She was clad in her jammies and a fuzzy pink robe. I neglected to check out her footwear.

Our next door neighbors routinely traipse up and down the street clad in jammies, robes and slippers (also known as house shoes in these parts).

I don't walk outside without a shirt, pants and shoes, at a minimum. I feel so overdressed.

I've even seen them clad like this in winter (much like this picture):

Maybe I could fit in, after all. Hanging in my closet is a pink, fuzzy robe. I've renamed it as the (name of my town) robe.

Do you think anyone would mistake me for Jessica Biel on trash day?


  1. LOL. I feel the same way about going outside in a bathrobe. We live next door to my in-laws and my mother-in-law used to do it when she was waiting for my son's bus to comee - in her nylon leopard print one with gold slippers. (Shudder). Is it any wonder that I now drive him to school everyday? We don't live in a trailer so it isn't just limited to that.

  2. Yeah, I just don't think I could do the bathrobe thing either. There needs to be some measure of personal pride there!

  3. Ive got ya beat...the other day one of our neighbors was out in his wasnt pretty

  4. I can't stand to pass a mirror in my jammies, so I certainly wouldn't go out (even in the coutry where I live) like that, but that is just me. I just would have a hard time living the "When in Rome..." philosophy...

  5. Hey I have a pink fuzzy robe with Hello Kitty on the back...will I fit in too? haha

  6. I couldn't do the bathrobe, but I could do flannel pajama pants with slippers. Oh, and a t-shirt.

  7. Jammies are the new jeans. First came Ugs then came slippers as acceptable footwear. What next?


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