September 14, 2009

Overall Motivational Problems

I don't know what's up with me. I don't feel like doing anything. Not anything. Not even stuff I enjoy. Like blogging. Or reading. Or baking. And I sure as Hell don't feel like doing housework or laundry. Blech.

Maybe it's due to the last couple of weeks of excitement/bad news. Some sort of sensory overload, perhaps?

I don't think it's a bout of depression, in the clinical sense of the word.

There's just no joy (or clean laundry) in Mudville today.

It could be that it's because I feel I have nothing to look forward to. All the wedding-related festivities are over, there are no family events to celebrate until Thanksgiving; I've pretty much resigned myself to not finding a decent-paying job (let alone one in my field). As soon as my current extension in unemployment compensation ends, I'll be out there doing any kind of work I can find. I've even tried saying "You want fries with that?" while I look at myself in the mirror while brushing my hair. Just in case.

The Mister isn't finding a lot of job leads out there yet, either...but it's only been two weeks. He is still enthusiastic about his job search, and about life in general. I'm the wet blanket at this party.

To put my situation in automobile maintenance vernacular, I'm a quart low on enthusiasm.


  1. Hang in there! Thinking about you.

  2. June...DITTO...! Let's have a race between you , hubby and see who gets a job first! With the luck I have been having...I would place any bets on me!


  3. Things are crazy. I can remember a "job hunting" period and noone can really understand can they?


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