September 12, 2009

Standard of Care

I recently met a neighbor who lives across the street. She is a 20-something young mother of three very cute and very blonde children. I think the older girl is 7 (I'm guessing), her brother is 5, and the baby girl is 14 months.

But you'd never know it to look at the baby - when I got to hold her, I thought she was about eight months old, she was that small.

Apparently, the little girl has been feeling poorly for months. The pediatrician told her the other day that the baby is malnourished and has double pneumonia and bronchitis, and possibly, asthma.

Yet the child is not in the hospital. She's lost three pounds in the last week or so; she's wasting away. And the insurance is still not authorizing an admission to the hospital.

She's on two antibiotics, and steroids, and breathing treatments - and still being treated at home.

Her PJs were falling off her, they bought her new ones - size 6 - 9 months.

I am afraid for her. If I were her mother, I'd take that baby to the hospital and INSIST that they admit her, even if my damned insurance company wouldn't pay for it.

Her health and life are worth more than any hospital bill.

I guess this is what happens when we let businessmen and women make decisions about medical care, instead of the doctors who treat the actual patients.

Far better to consult the numbers in the actuarial table than to help one little girl get well.


  1. That's terrifying. I would be getting her into the hospital, too. This past year when my 4 year old had a seizure, we were listed as self-pay because of a hospital/insurance miscommunication, and they still treated us!

  2. Agreed. You could not stop me from camping out in Emergency until someone stopped my screaming.

  3. Wow this makes me soo sad. I can't imagine being that girls mom. I agree I'd be camped out somewhere.

  4. Are you saying the government shouldn't be in charge of our health care? The blaspheme.

    What insurance companies need is a board of mothers. That would change a lot of things.

  5. I would insist my child be in the hospital as well, but when my son was sick and needed breathing treatments the 1st question out of a friends mouth was "Will you insurance cover that?" That was the LAST thing on my mind, but it is usually the 1st on hers! Strange!


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