September 18, 2009

These Are the Books I'm Waiting For!

The other day, I was looking on for books.

Ok, here's what really happened. My neighbor Prudence (not her real name) was bemoaning her lack of a romantic life with her partner, CrankyPants (not his real name, but awfully accurate). She said that maybe she needed a book to help her out. So I surfed over to, and sent her a link for Sex for Dummies. A good laugh was had by all (except CrankyPants, he remains cranky).

That got me thinking - I wanted to see if there was a book called 'Social Skills for Dummies', since The Boy's having a hard time saying things that are appropriate in school and at home. Unfortunately, that book does not exist - but it's probably a good thing. I'm sure The Boy would take offense at being called a dummy.

Here are two that I ordered (and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival):
I plan on working with The Boy on the activities in this book. Maybe we can cause him to have a "light bulb moment", and begin to use some empathy with peers and strangers alike (heck, even with me and The Mister).

And to drive the point across to The Boy that success is a possibility, I also ordered this book:

As for myself, I'll be scanning the list of successful folks to see if any of them suffered through long periods of unemployment before they hit it big.

Here's to success.


  1. Just for fun:

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Water for Elephants

  2. Great ideas with the books. Hang in there with the job hunt.

  3. Sounds like Famous Failures would be a good book for my boy about now.


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