September 08, 2009

An Update on Our Adventures

We're still alive and kickin' at the Cleaver Compound - but I can't say the same for some of our worldly possessions:

  • The Mister had to have the brakes replaced on his beloved minivan...after only 24,000 miles of driving. Does that sound kinda fast to you? Perhaps it relates to The Mister's style of driving, which I described in frightening detail here.
  • The Mister had a run in with a small rock while driving the other day. Immediately, a small chip appeared on the windshield. That small chip is now a 12-inch wavy crack. Currently, it does not interfere with our line of vision while driving, so that one just may stay that way for a while.
  • Our microwave oven seems to be flaming mad at us. No really, sometimes when we use it, flames actually appear within the cooking chamber. Also very impressive to look at, yet scary. This was NOT a cheap microwave - it's one of those highfallutin' convection/microwave ovens.We've only had this marvel about 18 months. The Mister does love his bright and shiny appliances! Here's what that section of the interior looks like now:
  • The A/C is on the fritz. The coils have this annoying habit of freezing up (pretty impressive to look at, but not so fun to live with). We'll be calling a repairperson today, and are hoping that we just need freon to get the thing running again. Until then, we sweat, we complain, we get cranky (no wait, that might just be me).
Now for the actual Cleavers:

  • The Mister and I are still among the unemployed. So the effective rate of unemployment in the Cleaver Compound stands at 100%. You won't see me oohing and ahhing over the news that the economy is slowly getting better. I live in Missouri now, some employer is just gonna have to "show me" to get me to believe that there is light at the end of this particular tunnel.
  • The Boy returns to school today. He has served his out of school suspension; he returns to the scene of the crime, so to speak. We are hoping there are no further incidents like last week.
  • I start my OASIS volunteer training. As you might recall, if you read my drivel on a regular basis, I arrived at the school last Tuesday for training, only to be told that it starts today. I'm looking forward to learning the best ways to motivate and encourage a child to improve their reading skills.
  • The Mister continues to look for meaningful employment. I'm sure he'll be enjoying the calm and quiet this morning, as both The Boy and I are out and about.
  • This evening, I will be attending my gorgeous stepdaughter's bachelorette party. Using my excellent interviewing skills (which some folks confuse with blatant nosiness), I will be the only OLD PERSON AT THE EVENT. The gorgeous one has reminded me several times already to "act like I'm in my 20s" for the party. Hell, even when I WAS in my 20s, I didn't act like it. I was at home, with diapers and formula and crying babies, starting at 19.
  • Tammy, the gorgeous one (she insists that I describe her this way), is getting married Wednesday afternoon, to her wonderful fiance, Frank (nobody made me say 'wonderful'). They wanted to be married on 09/09/09, so that's just what those crazy kids are doing. I wrote about their love story here.
Regarding the wedding, we are going to throw caution to the wind and let The Boy attend the festivities. I wrote about my daughter's wedding adventure here.

I struggled with this decision - up until yesterday, I was convinced that The Mister would be walking his daughter down the aisle without us being there. But Tammy is a very persuasive gal - she wants us there, and she wants to give The Boy a second chance at good behavior.

So, within a period of eleven days, we'll be attending our second family wedding. Let's hope ONE is my limit of ruining weddings in my lifetime.


  1. Good luck at the wedding! Let us know how it goes.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry that all the appliances seem to be going on the fritz all at once. That microwave has serious, scary issues.

    Hope the wedding goes well. I'm glad that you are trying again - get back on the horse that threw you and all.

  3. Good luck at the wedding. I hope it brings nothing but joy for all. As to the rest of your life, sounds like you got the same mojo going on as my oldest. Hope something kicks you all off this merry-go-round soon!

  4. Ooooo I hope the wedding goes good this time around.

    Our AC does that same thing sometimes and usually once they add freon it is fine. Actually it did it this weekend too but it was just working too hard in the humidity we had this weekend. Even the AC doesnt know what to do when it gets humid in AZ


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