September 16, 2009

Wednesday's Grab Bag of Semi-Random Thoughts

I finished my OASIS Intergenerational Tutor training. All that's left to do is to attend the Welcome Breakfast on the 25th of this month and, hopefully, get assigned to help a child find joy in reading. I enjoyed the class - all but one of the attendees was retired, so it made me feel kinda young!

Speaking of the 25th, that's The Boy's next court date. It's his adjudication hearing; we're talking about pleading guilty (or at least that's what I think his public defender will recommend). Hopefully, he'll get a year of supervised probation, and not be sent to detention.

I've received a few e-mails from a recruiter in the last couple of days about an actual job possibility. She's supposed to call today to talk to me about the job (3 month project as a contractor, with an option to hire me as an employee). She knows how long I've been unemployed - we'll see how the phone conversation goes. Think good thoughts!

Since The Mister has joined the ranks of the unemployed with me, I have felt a bit lost. When he was working, I had a definite rhyme and reason to my day: I completed tasks on various days, and had a dinner deadline. Now? Not so much. The house is messier than ever, and I don't feel motivated to do much about it each day. I NEED that pressure of a deadline. Now, other than getting The Boy out the door for the bus each morning, one weekday seems like any other - and I feel no real sense of urgency to get anything done. I am a supreme slacker. I gotta work on that.

I received IMs from Bride #2 (Tammy) yesterday from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Frank had a scheduled surfing lesson; Tammy was supposed to take a hula lesson at the same time. But the place that had the lessons was closed up - the poor economy is even affecting island activities. They're having a wonderful time so far!

Bride #1 (Erin) and Daryl are leaving for their honeymoon on Friday. Final destination? Niagara Falls, Canada. From the sound of it, they are going to be pretty darned busy!

Remember when I showed up for my training class a week early (because the OASIS coordinator told me the wrong date)? Well, The Mister did one better: He has started his H&R Block training classes recently. Last night, he left to attend his 9/15 class - only it was really scheduled for 10/15! What a wacky guy! He got the date wrong by an entire MONTH! Kinda makes my mistake much smaller in comparison. (Yeah, me!)

This past tax season, both The Mister and I were H&R Block-heads. I'm not sure I want to return for the next tax year. I was working for a franchisee, and earned a big minimum wage paycheck (blatant sarcasm). The corporate offices pay about $3/hour more.

Is it just me, or is the Fall TV season starting later than usual? Some of the shows don't even premiere until mid-October or later. A week or two more and the premieres could be considered mid-season replacements.

Speaking of TV, The Mister regularly rags on me for watching The View. Last night, I glanced into the man cave, and what did I see? The Mister watching clips from that very show on his monitor - apparently, Kate Gosselin (co-host for two days this week), changed her hairstyle.

If The Mister is worried about catching a reality TV show participant's hairstyle, it's a cry for help - someone please, give that man a JOB!


  1. Best of luck on the job front!!! Glad you are keeping your humor. When I retired from a law office, where everything was so organized and stayed home day after day AND my husband farms so he is home everyday, we had some real adjusting to do to say the least. Friday at 4:00 just isn't such a thrill anymore...

  2. Good Luck!!!
    Good Karma!!!
    Good phone interview!!!
    Good results!!!
    Good everything!!!

  3. Cracked me up about Husband checking on Kate's hairdo. Signs of troubled times for sure. Wishing jobs in both of your futures!

  4. I hope the interview went well!

    I am a recovering supreme slacker

  5. Starting to enjoy So You Think You Can Dance. Waiting for Chuck.

    My sister and I were have been comparing Alzheimer stories. Last night she drove to her sister-in-law's house for a party. She was 20 minutes late, got out of the car with her 9 year old daughter, walked up to the door, rang the doorbell and realized she was at the wrong house and wrong neighborhood. Her daughter bolted. She stood there stupidly and explained she had the wrong house.

    A house she's been to regularly.

    I honestly don't know if I'll get home every day. Will I stop at another's house?


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