September 29, 2009

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 10/1/09

Yes, people, it's that time of the week to participate in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This week's prompts:

1.) How did you meet your best friend?
(inspired by Kati from Country Girl, City Life)

2.) What are you feeling guilty about? or Memories of your childhood home.
(inspired by Josie from Sleep Is For The Weak)

3.) Tell why you are ecstatic "The one that got away" got away.
(inspired via twitter by Jay from Halftime Lessons)

4.) Have you found your bliss? What path did you take to get there? or are you still searching)
(inspired by Carma from Carma Sez)

5.) Create a conversation between one of these three couples:
(inspired by myself)

This week, I decided to choose prompt #5 (the last picture). I thought hard about prompt #2, but then realized that I'd be typing for days and days without end to describe all the things I feel guilty about.

So, to keep it short and sweet:


"George, I already told you to kiss my ass. Why won't men ask for directions when they're lost?"

My apologies for the naughty word, and special apologies for the horribly stereotypical remark about men.

But remember, just because they're stereotypes, that doesn't mean they're not true.

Head on over to Mama Kat's and check out all the other responses for this week!


  1. Nice! I used the same picture! ;)

  2. I love it! Short, sweet, funny and true! What's not to like! I think you have a career as a caption writer!

  3. hehe, love it!

    *Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  4. Ha! Hilarious! He probably wasn't lost...just not listening in the first place! ;P

  5. Oh that's funny. Short and sweet!

  6. love it! i ask my husband all the time why he dosent ask for directions when lost...or needs something!

  7. LOL That's funny! I used the same picture :)

  8. Awesome! And it IS a conversation - because sometimes when you are talking to men, it's like talking to yourself!

    Love it!

  9. LMBO

    thanks that's great, i tried this prompt but it wouldn't have been nice to hubs so i didn't lol

    the buzz,

  10. Short and to the point, that's awesome!!


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