October 06, 2009

Almost Time for You and Catherine Zeta-Jones to Fess Up!

I've been waiting for this... The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) developed new rules for bloggers who are compensated for writing product reviews. Starting Dec. 1, bloggers paid to endorse products must disclose those payments to readers.

The rules also cover testimonial advertisements and celebrity endorsements in both traditional and online advertisements. Damn, now Catherine Zeta-Jones is gonna have to admit that HER T-Mobile phone was a freebie.

In the case of a product given to a blogger for purposes of a review, the blogger then must disclose that fact, said Richard Cleland, assistant director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. Another option would be for bloggers to simply return the product after the review is completed, he said.

That could mean the end of blog giveaways...yippee. I can say 'yippee', because the item is tainted from the filth of being paid for the review.

Or maybe it's just my bitterness at never having won ANYTHING in a giveaway.

If you have advertising on your blog for the products that you review, you might be exempt from the new rules...unless you receive a direct payment for your review.

Some news reports Monday said bloggers could be fined up to US$11,000 for not disclosing paid reviews.Wow, you have to write a heck of a lot of reviews at five cents a word to come up with that fine money.

I fear that my days of reading mommy blogs is over - now they'll be slick, ad-rich cyber billboards. I won't get to find out how all of the little children are doing with teething, potty training, or Kindergarten.

Oh, wait...some blogs are ALREADY little more than product review/giveaway clearinghouses. At least, that's what I thought during my first and last visits to those blogs.

Click here to read the FTC's press release...if you're not too busy hawking.


  1. Wow, who knew there were rules to blogging? Well...giving stuff away on your blog. Thanks for the info!

    I've had 2 giveaways so far but they've come from me buying the items so I wonder if I would have to 'officially' note that? Hm...either way, I know what you mean about some of the blogs being billboard like, I usually stick to the ones that tell a story about a person not a product.

  2. The day my blog turns into an advertisement for anything but me is the day I quit writing.

  3. I'm with Wine and Words. I don't have ads on my blogs and I don't review anything. No--I review books on occasion. I think I have commented on how much I really enjoy my coffee maker. I've never been much of a fan of reading product reviews and always figured nobody else was, either.

  4. Well, no one has paid me anything so I guess I'm in the clear!

  5. Wow lucky me I dont do reviews or get paid for anythign!


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