October 19, 2009

Crying Wolf at High Altitudes

Who can shut down the Denver International Airport, and cause the Colorado National Guard to take to the skies in helicopters on a rescue mission?

Ask Richard Heene, of Ft. Collins, CO. Surely, you all have heard about his six year old boy who authorities thought had flown off in an experimental balloon? All while he was hiding in a box in the attic of the family's garage?

Now, the scoop is that the entire flight was a publicity stunt. For a proposed reality show.

The Heene parents, Richard and Mayumi, of Ft. Collins, CO, are now facing felony and charges.

I watched Wife Swap last year when this family of storm-chasing nut jobs were one of the families on the show. What a freak show they were!

I felt like the dad was a control freak (I wondered then if he was abusive after one of his tirades); his wife, a meek sheep, who, along with their three sons, followed Richard Henne blindly while they chased storms and worked on a hover craft.

Mr. Henne wanted to pitch a new reality show (apparently, he loved his time on TV) where he could debunk theories ala Mythbusters, but with a more paranormal feel to it. Think conspiracy theorist meets Mr. Science.

He discussed the possibility of a hoax with researcher Robert Thomas, according to an article on gawker.com.

I hope they throw the book at the Heenes. They're talking about letting them foot the bill for the rescue effort.

Something about this video just made me feel creepy...


Would YOU have to ask your husband if it was okay to check on a child who is vomiting in the bathroom, because you're in the middle of an interview?

The Hennes are supposed to turn themselves into the authorities today. Perhaps they'll be a captive audience.


  1. This guy is such a piece of work. I hope he has to pay the bills for all that emergency intervention!

  2. This whole story is just a giant freak show. I mean really you would put the entire country on the edge hoping that some child is safe. I really do hope that they have to pay for the rescue efforts, plus more.

  3. yeah the whole thing was nuts!Unbeleivable! Just wanted to say hi and invite you back over

  4. I think they should have to pay for the rescue effort. Why should the taxpayers pick up the tab on something that stupid? What did he think was going to happen?

  5. The whole thing was unbelievable. The man is crazy. I can't imagine using your child that way. I agree - hope they throw the book at them.


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