October 10, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Perhaps you've heard of the link between the full moon and the increase in the number of psychiatric emergency room visits. I always assumed there was some link (maybe I've just seen one too many movies about werewolves).

I'm writing to tell you that it's all bunk. This week, despite a full moon, The Boy has been darned near perfect, behaviorally speaking. Out of a possible 100 points on his behavior sheet at school this week, The Boy rocked out at 97 points (can I get a "Yeehaw"?)!

Speaking of the moon, did you hear about what NASA has been up to this week? How's that for a segue? Anyway, NASA sent a rocket to bomb the hell out of the Moon in an attempt to discover if there is water-ice under the surface.

Why? And what is water-ice?

Here's what the site whatswaterice.com says:

Waterice is a water-based, non-dairy, fat and cholesterol free, frozen delicacy of many flavors, all with a rich, creamy smooth texture that is often mistaken for ice cream or sherbet.

Somehow, I don't think this is what NASA was looking for. If it is, someone should have told them to drive to NC, instead of sending a rocket and a satellite into space at a cost of $79 million.

Actually, the folks at NASA believe that water found on the Moon will be a valuable resource in the agency's quest to explore the solar system. Even Ernie from Sesame Street isn't ready to move there:

We can't guarantee safe drinking water to all the people in THIS country, and we're spending millions to see if there is water on the Moon? Don't you love our government?

I can just see a future government contractor operating a water/oxygen bar on the Moon.

Speaking of government (another clever segue, no?), I posted earlier about an investigation at The Boy's school about a mark he had on his neck when one of the teachers at his school physically restrained him on the day he was arrested.

The result of the internal investigation? Nothing. They followed policy. And the kicker? The Division of Family Services allowed The Boy's Deputy Juvenile Officer (probation guy) to represent them in the investigation. So the guy who is working for the court is the one who gives the school the thumbs up in a criminal case? Can you say conflict of interest?

The Boy's public defender was upset about this news. She is hopeful that the motion she filed will be approved, and she will be able to argue that The Boy's Constitutional rights have been violated when he was arrested.

She intends on having The Boy's psychiatrist as her prime witness - and is hopeful that the doctor will testify that the diagnoses of Autism and bipolar disorder prevent The Boy from knowingly committing any crimes. She is amazed (and not in a good way) that a school that operates solely for students in special education would press charges against one of their students. Aren't they the experts?

Our next court date is October 21...won't that be fun?


  1. I'm with you...leave the moon alone! Feed the hungry, create jobs for the poor. Damn rockets!

  2. Yeehaw! Awesome that your boy got such high marks!

  3. Yay for the boy!! That is awesome!!

    And what the freaking heck? I did not know this about the moon. Jeez.

  4. I don't know...things at Casita Scribe always get a tad crazy on the nite of a full moon. Perhaps it's because of so much estrogen under one roof?


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