October 19, 2009

Grandma's Thrill Ride

The other day, I wrote about our recent visit to Kramer's Marionnettes with our four year old grandson, Eli, and The Boy.

Eli is a piece of work. He apparently has doubts about my navigational skills, as he made frequent comments from the back seat:

"My mommy doesn't drive this way."
"Is the puppet show far away? Do you know how to get

Lucky for Eli, I had my traveling companion
in the car.
Handsome, isn't he? His name is Tom (at least that's the name of the voice calmly instructing me which way to turn).

Eli listened to Tom's instructions with great interest. My first clue?

"Is your phone teaching you how to drive?" (I bet there are some people who wish I would take some additional lessons).

I explained that I was using a GPS, and that it was giving me directions to the puppet show.

"It said to turn right...you didn't turn right. Are we lost?" (Tom sometimes thinks a sharp bend in the road is, in fact, a turn. I wasn't supposed to TURN right, I was supposed to follow the road).

On our return trip...

If there was a period of time that Tom was being the strong, silent type?

"When is your phone going to talk again? Does it know how to get to my house? It's dark outside and I want my mommy and daddy."

I have to add that I don't visit the downtown St. Louis area very often. I had no idea where I was going, and was totally dependent upon Tom's vast knowledge of latitude and longitude to get us to our destination and back home.

And this was my first trip with Eli during the evening. Our other outings took place in broad daylight, and were local. He never had any comments about my driving on THOSE trips.

More comments from the peanut gallery:

"It's very far to my house. Did you go the wrong way?"


"My mommy drives this way. Did you know my house is big?"

We arrived at Casa de Eli right on schedule. All was right with the world.

His mom reported that Eli said that he had fun, he really likes the frog puppet he snagged, and that we didn't get lost.

Thanks, Tom.

And thanks, Eli, for being so well-behaved. I had fun!


  1. Can't live without my navigation system, however I hate her voice. It's very computerized and annoying. I wanted something more...James Bond! *sigh*

  2. Awwwww. This was so cute. Little backseat driver. Glad that you had a good evening.

  3. Wine and Words,
    I also had the annoyingly cloying female voice at first. I used the CD that came with the unit and downloaded the male voice...oh, how I love another man telling me what to do! :)

  4. How funny! I think I would have gone nuts with the little backseat driver. Glad you found the puppet show without incident and that Eli enjoyed himself!

  5. I love the run on of "My mommy drives this way. Did you know my house is big?"

    What a little entertainer!

  6. My mom has hers set to a guy with an Australian accent...I dream about him sometimes

  7. This was sooo cute! I loved it. And thank the Lord I live in a time of GPS!


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