October 03, 2009

A Guardian Angel on Earth

Imagine the joy a couple feels when, after ten years of unsuccessful attempts at adding a child to their family, they find out they are finally pregnant - the in vitro fertilization procedure was a success.

Imagine the devastation at finding out that the wrong embryo was implanted.

That's what happened to Carolyn and Sean Savage.

A week ago today (September 26), Carolyn gave birth to a five pounds, three ounce baby boy...and gave the baby to his natural parents, Paul and Shannon Morrell.

Talk about integrity. The Savages showed such courage and grace and generosity. Mrs. Morrell referred to Carolyn Savage as a "guardian angel".

I have so many emotions tumbling inside my head that I'll let others tell the story.

You can read more about the story (before the birth) here, and (after the birth) here.


  1. Wow. I think Private Practice had an episode with this same dilemna last year. I was very caught up in how I would handle the same.

  2. wow, what an amazing & courageous thing to do. She truly is a guardian angel.

  3. Wow. I have no other words. But I have chills in spades!

  4. I had heard about this and was just amazed ... though I like to think I would do the same thing. Though I did then hear that the lady who bore the child did have 4 other kids and wasn't childless...not that this makes it any less good what she did.


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