October 17, 2009

A Night of Pulling Strings

One of The Boy's big obsessions interests is puppetry. Last Fall, he joined the Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis. I tag along at his meetings - he's learned to make some puppets out of paper plates and sheets of card stock, and he's had an introduction to all the various types of puppets that professionals use.

Last night, the guild had their annual Hall
oween meeting/party/puppet show.

The critters in these pictures were some that entertained us. Most of them were marionettes. The show was performed by the folks at Kramer's Marionnettes (part of the evening, I'd repeatedly gaze at their sign and wonder why they spelled marionettes incorrectly).

Our four year old grandson, Eli, also attended the program with us. All of the folks who showed up in costume received a puppet. Eli got a frog (The Boy's first choice, but an amicable switcheroo was made); The Boy settled on an elephant.

I'm already quite concerned about the lame politically incorrect (and just plain inaccurate) Republican jokes I'll have to listen to as The Boy works with this puppet!

The Boy had another good week at school - attendance at the meeting was a privilege he earned by maintaining his cool, and keeping his negative, sarcastic comments to himself in school.


  1. I have to say, whenever I think of puppetry I think of that movie "Being John Malcovich." (Spelled wrong, I'm sure.) Did you ever see it? If not, you must -- it is weird but fun and has puppets.

  2. Eli I had lots of fun! :) He was so excited that he won his puppet! Thanx for takin him.


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