October 25, 2009

Now I Know How an Addict Feels

I'm jonesing. Big time.

And it's not chocolate. Or drugs. Or alcohol.

It's a triple A battery that has me in a dither.

I've searched all the typical hiding places we use for batteries, to no avail.

The Mister is out shopping, and may or m
ay not come home with a replacement battery (he forgot both the shopping list and his coupons).

Here's why I need that need that battery:

I had picked up another digital audiobook from the library (and it's due back this morning). And I was really getting into the story, was 22 chapters deep when the battery finally conked out.

The Mister came home from his shoppi
ng - and here's what who (or is that whom?) he brought home:

This picture does not fully represent the loveliness that Eli displayed when he walked in...think of that cute face covered with ice cream!

Still battery-less, I took matters car keys into my own hands. I went to the store and did the shopping.

I began to hyperventilate when, after perusing two checkout lines, there were no AAAs to be found. But I would not be deterred - I continued my quest, and located myself a four pack of the coppertop lovelies - in the closed and barricaded checkout. I needed to ask my friendly pusher cashier to reach a package for me. She gladly accepted my coupon, and I left the store with my purchases.

I settled into my computer chair and loaded the battery into the player. Over the sound of Eli's DVDs, I started listening once again to my book.

And like an addict, once I had the high as the battery was in my hot little hands - I lost interest in the story.

I blame it on the book - The Hour I First Believed - which could have been, in my mind, three separate books. Chapter 22 (and the others following) just sucked.

Wally Lamb should have stopped with the main story, and not gone off onto his tangents.

Now, where's that chocolate?


  1. I jones for coffee...and lotion...and currently hand sanitizer

  2. The fates were trying to warn you and you didn't listen. Actually you did... ;)

  3. That book was long but I really enjoyed it. I read it though - I can see how it would be draining as an audio book.

  4. You wanted it so badly because it was out of reach. Typical for us. Chocolate, please!! And a giggle from that little cutie pie. They don't sell those at our stores!!!

  5. Oh what a waste! I hope you got some chocolate! And Eli...he is such a cutie!!

  6. Oh Yes ... I had the EXACT same feeling about this book!!!! If you're interested, here is my review:



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