October 29, 2009

Vibrant Nation On the Cheap

One day, while goofing off on Facebook, I received a group invitation for Vibrant Nation - a place where "women 50+ exchange information and join in smart conversation. Connect with others who share your desire to make the most out of life every day."

Woman - check.
50+ - check.
Smart conversation - oh, I like that - check.
Making the most out of life every day - ok, not so much.

Somehow, those clever women at Vibrant Nation found out I had a blog (apparently, someone told them).

So, I get this email:


Have you heard about VibrantNation.com? We are a site where smart, successful women age 50+share advice and stories about the things that matter to them - everything from books to work to relationships to philanthropy. We send out newsletters each week to approximately 60,000 subscribers (growing daily!); and advertise nationally. We’ve just published our first book, "The Year I Saved my (downsized) Soul," which was featured on CBS’ The Early Show on Labor Day morning.

I’m contacting you because we love your blog, The Ratio of Failures! Your voice is really great and one that we’d like to recommend to our members – in fact, it was recommended by one of our members.

VibrantNation.com would be honored to have your blog republished on our site. We know that our growing membership base would value it, and we believe it will gain you new readers as well.

Our Blog Circle is featured on the “left nav” of every page on our site; featured in our newsletter and homepage; and promoted in other ways by VibrantNation.com. You can take a look here: http://www.vibrantnation.com/our-blog-circle

I have attached the contract we use with our bloggers. Please note that you can end the relationship at any time, and that we do not retain exclusive rights to your content.

If you have any questions about the exciting developments at VibrantNation.com, please feel free to email or give me a call. We hope to find a way to work together.

All the best,

Beth Blakely

Community Manager

I'm confused, and frankly, I'm a bit flattered. They want ME?

Then I read the contract.

Basically, they'll take my content and post it on their site. They can edit whatever they want, they can choose to delete postings if they like.

They'll include me in their "Blog Circle"; I can add personal information for other visitors to see. They may post ads within my content, at their discretion.

And the compensation for me providing content? Not one red cent. Nothing. Never.

I'm considering writing a response to the email, asking them that since they love my "stuff", then why don't they give me a job and let me do my magic for a paycheck?


  1. LOL what this doesnt sound enticing to you?

  2. lol, what do you mean you wont do it for free?

  3. Vibrant cheapo natiion! Whatever. Stand your ground June. Who buys the cow when you give away milk for free.

  4. They think flattery will get them everything for free, eh?

  5. What ... you don't want to give away your personal writing and insights for nothing? I'm shocked!

  6. Motivation for blogging befuddles me at times. I don't get paid but I enjoy sharing my ideas and love the kudos.

    If I actually got paid to blog, I might change my style and I don't want to. But maybe I wouldn't. I wouldn't mind someone trying me sometimes, though...


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