October 18, 2009

The Weekend Gloomies...The Self-Pity Edition


Our weather lately has been, well, crappy. True, we don't have the snow that the Northeast and the Rockies have gotten this week, nor the mudslides that plagued California. We've had lots of rain, and chilly temperatures. I finally saw a peek at the sun today, it's been missing in action over the last week or so.

Weather likes this makes me want to hunker down and stay in - and that's my dilemma: I hunker down and stay in most days. I seem to have myself settled into a familiar routine in a rut here.

When will I get a job? A life? Or am I destined to remain housebound and feeling purposeless?

Other than a trip to the grocery store or to my volunteer gig, or the various and sundry appointments/disasters relating to The Boy,I don't really go anywhere. I have one friend here - but other than Marcia, I am kind of isolated from female companionship. The Mister is also home all day - we've settled into a pattern of hanging out in our respective "caves", and reconvening once in a while for food and/or conversation.

It's the wrong month for cabin fever (I think that's why there's a February on the calendar)...but I have something akin to that malady.

I blog (but I've even slacked off on that a bit), I goof off, I do occasional household chores (without much enthusiasm, I must add). I have my daily round of job-related Web sites I visit, but like the unstocked trout pond, I'm not getting any nibbles. And I'm filing for my FINAL week of unemployment compensation today. Hear that sucking sound? That's our income going down to one unemployment check a week now.


On the agenda for this week: Volunteering on Wednesday, and parent/teacher conferences Thursday and Friday - which means no school for The Boy; he gets a four day weekend, lucky lad. And I get four more days to guard the refrigerator.

I think I need a cause. A project. A pleasant diversion (non-craft related, please). Something free and/or cheap. Something to put the spring back into my step and a smile on my face. Self-pity is not what I want to project.

Perhaps in losing myself in an activity, I'll find myself.

Any ideas?


  1. A cause and a purpose, Yes! Something we all need. I know of a couple jobs here in California if you want to come out this way, otherwise I am of little or no help.

  2. I think you have a lot of reasons to feel this way. Perhaps an exercise program would help? Even if it is just walking for 20 minutes a day? Sending you good wishes and hugs!


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