November 23, 2009

The First Thanksgiving Was Easier to Plan than This

Imagine, Fall, 1621. Difficult physical surroundings. Hardship. The language barrier. A first harvest. Gratitude. It looked something like this:

Plymouth. In winter. Outside...brrr.

Ok, 2009. The Midwest. Modern conveniences. Supermarkets. Central heating. We don't even have to kill what we eat.

Yet, we don't yet know who is hosting/cooking Thanksgiving this year.

Past hurts. Bad feelings. Unkind words said in anger and in haste. We're in limbo. Neither side wants to give. There's enough blame to go around, when we should be worrying if there's enough pumpkin pie.

I don't have a dog in this fight. I am Switzerland; I am Rodney King - can't we all just get along?

A day when we should be expressing gratitude for our blessings and each other...those heartfelt messages may be expressed in separate houses this year.

The two people responsible for the impasse are still not we wait.

Our turkey is thawing, the ingredients for stuffing and side dishes alike have been purchased.

The big question? Guess who's coming for dinner?


  1. Oh my - surely being a pilgrim was easier than that. I hope that everyone comes around soon and you can enjoy the holiday.

  2. Goodness! Well - maybe you could eat 2 dinners!

  3. I love this. You certainly have a gift with writing!


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