November 06, 2009

The Grownups in this House are Blockheads...Again!

Things in the Cleaver Compound are gonna change come January.

The Mister and I will return to a world of worried adults, unruly children (other than The Boy), and lots of numbers.

We'll increase our number keypad typing speed (mine is pitiful right now). We'll have visions of government paperwork dancing in our heads.

We'll be Blockheads again. At least, that's what I call it. We will be the 'people' in the slogan 'I Got People'.

We'll be employed as tax preparers for H&R Block. We'll begin preparing Federal and state income tax returns. The Mister pinned me down and forced me convinced me to give tax preparation a try last tax season - The Mister has been doing them for four years.

I think I did okay.

Apparently, the folks at the office I worked at thought I did okay too...they called the other day, and asked if I was coming back.

My brain hurts just thinking about it. There are classes to take (The Mister's been doing classes for a while now); there are online classes and tests to complete. And for good bedtime reading? The updates to the tax code (which continue throughout tax season).

I'll have to once again wrap my mind around what schedules to use, what deductions to ask clients about - my goal is to make sure that my clients take full advantage of every credit and deduction that they may LEGALLY be qualified for.

Did you know that people lie about those things? People.lie.and.cheat. I lost a bit of respect for some folks. It lessened my estimation of human ethical behavior. I heard many sad tales of divorce, desertion, destitution and/or death. I smelled alcohol wafting from the pores at 9:30 in the morning. I had people never pick up (nor pay for) their completed returns.

I had people cry at my desk, either from fear or frustration (or regret due to poor choices); I got yelled at.

But once in a while, I'd have a happy client - I got them a bigger refund than they thought possible. For a few minutes, I felt like their champion. I even saw some tears of joy.

Soon, I'll be seeing folders and shoe boxes and big paper grocery sacks filled with statements and forms and yes, even receipts culled from the floorboard of a pickup truck or shoved underneath the seat of a Cavalier.

Hopefully, I'll make sense of this paper chaos in front of me, and hand back an organized folder filled with good news.

All this tax magic...and a minimum wage paycheck.

Isn't this a fantastic country?

Oh, I would be remiss if I didn't give you this pre-emptive tax tip: Remember as part of the stimulus package when the government took out $7 less from weekly paychecks? If you owed taxes last year, and did not modify your W-4 to have additional money taken out of your paycheck, you will owe more in 2010. Yes, I know it's's not too late to change your W-4; modify it to have an additional amount of tax money taken out of your paychecks for the remainder of 2009.
You can thank me later.


  1. Ah!!!!
    I hate tax season.
    I'm dreading the next couple of months.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Really???? You had to remind me about taxes??? Ug. Slap with a wet noodle. Good luck though.

  3. Bless your better start drinking now!

  4. I'm glad there are people like you and your Mr. to do taxes. It is so not for me.

  5. I tried doing taxes once...I stared blankly and gauged my eyes out with the pen

  6. Ah, the Tax Man Cometh...or shall I say the Tax Couple?

  7. Minimum wage for all that work? That just doesn't seem right. Do you get paid for taking the classes?

  8. Is it time to start thinking about taxes already? OH SICK!

  9. Ah. The joy of working with the general public. I feel for ya.

    This kind of information makes me aware of how naive I really am. To think, my SO and I just go in with our W2's, make small talk, smile, say thank you and leave. I remember my faith in humanity shattering a bit when I was a 19 year old cashier on Christmas Eve.


  10. I'm getting a headache just thinking about what you'll have to do ... numbers and math and all that stuff. Not to mention dealing with the public and all of that jazz.


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