November 10, 2009

If I Shook the Money Tree

NOTE: The Mister says this post is nothing but whining. Consider yourselves warned.

I'd take a trip. To Dayton, OH. Yeah, I said Dayton.

Why, do you say?

For this.

I'd love to attend the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop. I started reading Erma decades ago, when I was doing my first stint as a SAHM (but we didn't call ourselves that then).

I liked her way of taking the ordinary frustrations of life as a mother and turning them into something magical to read. Funny. Poignant. She detailed the challenges and joys of motherhood, of marriage, of a life lived well.

Ahhh, Dayton in April. The scent of Springtime in the air, and quite possibly, snowpiles melting in the parking lots.

Alas, the money tree needs a bailout. And since no adults in the Cleaver compound are earning a living, and we're subsisting on unemployment compensation, there will be no trip to Dayton. Sigh.

So until then, I will continue to sit here and wax poetic

write philosophically

produce reams of humorous, compelling stuff

post semi-coherent drivel...and dream of Dayton in years to come.

Maybe they'll start a Peg Bracken Writers' Workshop someday...


  1. Well, I think that'd be fun. I'm pretty sure that she's the first humor author that I ever read!

  2. I think it would be fun, too. Too bad I'll be in NYC that weekend or I'd say "Let's go!"

  3. that would be sweet and i am an ohioan as well --- alas we are piss poor too

  4. Id like to strangle that money tree

  5. My mom had those Peg Bracken books, and I was a huge Erma fan. In fact, several people have told me that my writing style reminds them of Erma Bombeck but I don't quite see it.


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